Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hello Again, Naturally

Nearly 2 1/2 months have passed since I last posted anything here on my blog. It's not that NOTHING has been going on, I just haven't felt much like posting.

Let me tick off a list of things that has happened, and get things up to speed.

School is out.

My middle daughter graduated high school, 49th in her class. Not too shabby.

I took my two youngest on vacation, a few days camping on Bodega Bay, then a few days driving around the northern California coast, around Crescent City and Eureka.

July 4th came and went.

Ok, that about brings things up to speed.

You can see, there hasn't been all that much to blog about. ;-)

So, in the interest of easing back into blogging, let me leave this basic welfare-check with a photo of the majestic Mount Shasta as seen from the Vista Point on California's Interstate Highway 5.

Later folks.