Friday, April 22, 2005

Piqued my interest

Ok... I was going through my Sitemeter data, checking out which sites were sending traffic toward my blog, when I noticed a feed from It's a fantasy stockmarket for blogs, where "investors" get a fantasy $500 to buy and sell shares in blogs.

It's amazing! Has info on all sorts of stuff associated with my blog. And most likely yours, if you have one. Here's the link to mine. From there, if you are linked to my blog, inbound or outbound, you can find yours too! You can search from the main home page, too. Looks like it could be interesting to kill an hour or too.

Then, Paul, I can pay you some fantasy moola for that shirt!


I sat here for almost 20 minutes tonight, starting a subject and stopping several times without writing a single thing I though worth writing. In fact, I'm still at it.

I think the problem is, I'm unbelievably bored.

Bored with life. In general. Things have gotten far to mundane. I need to find something to shake things up, and just break the routine.

Work is incredibly boring, even with some of the exciting things that occur. I've been doing the job long enough that even the exciting things are routine, ya know? They are the same exciting things over and over. Variations on a theme. Amazingly routine.

Home is home. I have a decent apartment with all the things I need. I am able to keep it reasonably clean, with some help from the girls (or maybe in spite of their help some weeks).

I have a few friends, and a couple good friends, but no really super close friends: people you confide in, and can share your darkest, brightest thoughts and ideas. Close friendship is hard work. Between being the best father I can be to my kids (spending time with them, talking to them, taking them where they need to go, etc), helping my parents, work.... I just don't have time to dedicate to building close friendships.

I don't party. I don't drink to excess. I don't smoke.

Oh well, life could most assuredly be worse. I could be in jail.


I am so fortunate in so many ways, I guess I should just take some time and recharge my batteries and remember what I have. Break the routine somehow.

Come on summer!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I took Camie to the neurologist on Monday. Real nice doc, named Dr. Khan. I expected someone only half able to speak english, but I was dead wrong. He was very careful, caring, and made Camie feel comfortable.

He put her through a very simple "examination", consisting of a field sobriety test (stand up, close your eyes, put out your arms, stand on one leg, now switch) and the old exam where she sits down and the doc plucks her knees and ankles with that rubber mallet.

I think it was more for us, the patient and parent, to see him doing SOMETHING, because then he just sat down and talked to us.

He's not overly concerned, seeing as how Camie has zero symptoms beside what the eye doc saw. He did say he's had several young women in the past few years with exactly the same non-symptoms, just swollen optic-nerves, which eventually resolved themselves. Sometimes its puberty, hormones, stress... who knows.

So, he did suggest covering the bases, though. The CT-scan is good, because it's a quick, simple way to look inside the head and see if there is a big lump lurking there. However, the MRI is better, because it gives a closer, more detailed look inside the brain. The way he explained it made sense: we'd hate to miss something very small now, that didn't show up on the CT-scan, and have to deal with it later, so let's just go ahead and do the MRI now, since it's really not that big a deal, medically speaking. So, he told us he'd have his staff schedule an MRI, probably in the next few weeks.

They called the next day. Wow. So, Camie's going in tonight for her MRI. I'm pretty confident it's all much-adieu about nothing, but I want to safe. And I want Camie to be reassured she's OK.

So.... off to the doctor again tonight. I think this is the most my x-wife or I have EVER had to take our kids to the doctor.

Can you buy an extended warranty when kids are born? I think Congress should look into that....

Anyway, I'm off to have lunch with Emily, my eldest. I havn't seen her in a while. Will be a nice visit.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Well, this is a pleasant surprise. A computer upgrade that worked.

My x-wife's fiance gave me a copy of his Windows XP disk to upgrade my computer. I'd been using WindowsME for the last few years, and my computer of late had become real unstable. The "blue screen of death" and I had become good friends. My computer kept locking up and programs kept freezing... it was getting really frustrating.

So, I loaded on XP Professional and shazam! Computer works great! No freezes.... everything works. I did Lindsey's computer too.

Call me a happy man.

I only wish Windows would incorporate THIS blue screen into its future versions.