Friday, June 05, 2009


It's funny how life is.  One day you feel on top of the world, the next day not so much. To extrapolate further, it seems like for an entire YEAR one can feel on top of the world, and the next year feel like life has just kicked you in the shins and left you on the sidelines to nurse your sores. 

For the past couple of years, life has kicked me in the shins.  I gotta be honest and say it, because it's true and there's no point hiding it.  Life is a grand, wonderful experience, and the road I'm on is uniquely mine, so I won't bemoan THE ROAD itself, just the fact that the road is sometimes rocky and difficult to walk on.  

I feel as if the pavement has been very, very hot and I've been walking in a a thin pair of flip-flops which have about worn out, melting now and then and sticking to the pavement. My foot slips out of the sticky flip-flop, and I stumble onto the hot pavement, and hop around like a rabbit for a few minutes until I get the flip-flop unstuck and back on my foot. 

But, the pavement has been cooling a bit, I think, and the shoes I've found definitely fit better, and are much more supportive than a pair of flip-flops.  The road is still rocky and steep, but I'm able to walk the road a bit easier now, seeing as how I have better equipment

Make any sense? No?  That's OK, it's my blog and this writing is a cathartic experience for me alone, really.  If someone else wants to read it and get something out of it, I'm pleased to have shared, but first and foremost, this is for me. 

I've had a bit of a dry spell when it comes to writing about life.  As you can see, my last post here was back in May of 2007, over 2 years ago.  I am, though, beginning to feel the bug to write and discuss things again, and felt it was time to renew this journal.  I tried an experiment with my Pollock Pines journal, but the Pollock Pines experiment itself was somewhat flawed, so writing about the experience became an exercise in frustration.  Writing about frustration while frustrated is not fun, and in fact is frustrating (like the way I slipped three different tenses of frustrate into one sentence?), so that experiment went quickly by the wayside. 

Which brings me to today.  I miss writing about life, and what I believe and what I feel.  I miss being open and honest with the world about what's on my mind, and talking to others about what's on their mind.  

So.... I'm gonna renew this, my first and longest standing journal.  This journal dates back several years, and follows my life through several phases.  From anger and sadness, to joy, to a renewed interested in Christ and teaching and singing.  I talk about my parents and family, and trips with my kids.  But most of all.... I talk and share with those who might want to know me better.  

To that end, for anyone who might care, I declare this blog renewed and re-opened for business!

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