Thursday, October 06, 2005

Coupla headlines

While I was away camping, I did listen to my little transistor radio a bit.

Talkshows are all a twitter about Harriet Miers nomination to the Supreme Court (yawn). She'll be confirmed or she won't. Partisan bickering in Washington will continue either way. Everyone just simmer down.

New Orleans is laying of city workers. Yeah? Is there anyone in the entire United States of America who is truly surprised at this? There is NO city government in New Orleans, really. There's the mayor, the cops, the firefighters, and the clean-up guys, that's about it, and very little tax revenue coming in to pay for any of it. So, who is surprised about layoffs? Sad? Yes. Shocked? Get a grip folks.

Oh, and here's a couple of more headlines from my, "Huh?" department.

From the "Shocked? Get a grip" file, Virginal Katie (Holmes) breaks vow, Tom's baby on way. Another Hollywood starlet renigs on her "vow" to be pure until her wedding. And, the strapping, older man (nearly father-figure) Cruise has no problem helping her break her vow. Yup, classy Hollywood folks once again prove they are the arbiter of personal respect, morals and ethics in America. If Tom Cruise were a real man, we'd have told Katie that he respected her vow, and would have done anything to help her keep it. Way to go, Hollywood. Way to go, Tom. Way to put that scientology stuff to work, bud.


And from the "What were they thinking" file, Scientists resurrect virus that killed 50 million. What? WHAAAT? We don't have enough flu viruses in the world to study, they had to go and resurrect one? GEEZ! Ok, so it was bird flu. You now have a connection between it and today's virus. IT KILLED 50 MILLION PEOPLE! Can you imagine the conversation that conjured this up?

"Hey, Joe, we've got this new bird flu thing that's threatening to become a pandemic, and I was thinking - that flu back in 1918 was pretty nasty, and I wonder if it is related to this flu today?"

"Good question, Jim. So what if it related?"

"Well, I'd like to cook up a batch of it, see if we can find out HOW it's related."

"Uh huh. And tell me, Jim, what would be the point of that?"

Blink. Blink.

"Just seems like a cool thing to do, Joe."

"I like your thinking, Jim. Run with that and tell me how it goes. Oh, by the way, stay far, far away from me for the rest of your life after you come out of that little containment center, mm-kay?"


That's my rant for the day. Peace.

I'm Baaaaaaaack

Oh, wow, Doran County Park in Sonoma County is really nice! It's on a spit of land about 2 miles long and maybe 200 yards at its widest, that makes up the southern side of Bodega Bay.

One side, the ocean side, is a 2-mile long fine-sand beach (perfect for sand castles) that is completely protected from the ocean surf, with just small waves washing up on shore. The rangers all made of point of saying it's perfect for kids, because there's almost no undertow, and it stays shallow for quite a ways out. These shots were taken the afternoon I arrived.

The other side is Bodega Bay and harbor. It's a lot shallower, more of a dredged estuary at low tide.

These two photos (they're not stitched, but they are side by side, and you can kinda tell how they should overlap) show the southern spit of land that comprises the park, taken from Bodega Head, on the north side of the bay. It's not much, but it's pretty neat.

The weather, as you can see, was just spectacular. Mornings were still and cool, but not cold. Breezes come up in the afternoon as the land heats up and the air rises, drawing in the ocean air, and can get quite chilly, but it was just lovely.

My little tent withstood the winds OK, with just a little bit of re-enforcement needed.

The day I left there was a really high tide, higher than usual I think. The difference in the bay was just amazing.

Seeing as how the sun sets early this time of year, I usually sat up with a fire till about 9:30 or 10pm, then read a book in my tent for a while. I slept in till about 9:30am both mornings, getting up to make a nice cup of hot coffee, then relax and listen to the waves and the seagulls flitting everywhere. It was a nice trip, and I must say, I feel much, much better.

Monday, October 03, 2005


Well, it's happened. I hit the end of my rope. I'm frazzled. I'm frayed. Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

So, I hear the call of the ocean and the roar of the waves, and I'm going to go visit them for a few days. I'm gonna try a new spot, Doran County Park, just south of Bodega Bay. Photos look pretty neat, they have showers, and the campsites look like they right next to the beach.

Hola, ciao, see ya'll in a few days.