Friday, July 02, 2004

Special Operations Warrior Foundation

Keep the Special Operations Warrior Foundation in mind if you need a place to give a few donation dollars. They do great work taking care of the families of our fallen heroes.

I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing

After work yesterday, Lindsey went to stay at her mom's house, so I had my apartment to myself for the evening. I went and bought a beer, and a pizza at Papa Murphy's. I went home, baked the pizza, drank my beer, and, since I've just finished reading In The Company of Heroes by Michael Durant, the helicopter pilot of Super64 that crashed in Somalia back in 1993, I settled in to watch Black Hawk Down again, to see if I could make sense of the movie this time. It was surreal to watch the story unfold, now that I'd had a different perspective on it.

Now, to the pizza. Pizza and I are good friends. We can afford to be less good friends, because I usually overindulged when I have pizza. Last night was no different, but oy!, did I overdo it. I went to bed very full, and slept fitfully all night long. I got up several times during the night, feeling horrible, with a terrible thirst. I started to think maybe I'd been poisoned! I drank cup after cup of water. I even went out into the kitchen (I NEVER go into the kitchen at night, so this was dire), and got some ice and made some super cold ice-water, so see if that would quench the thirst. It helped, so I tried to lay back down and go to sleep. I slept fitfully because I just could not get comfortable, and woke up dead-dog tired. I showered and dressed for work, and staggered bleary-eyed into the Donut King for my morning cup of coffee. I didn't start feeling better until about 10am.

I swear I'll never eat pizza again.....until the next time.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Move America Forward !

Looking for a way to support the War on Terrorism, and for some facts to back you up? Check out Move America Forward !, a web-site created by Howard Kaloogian, one of the driving forces behind the successful California recall of Governor Grey Davis.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Google-Bomb me!

I just found out that, if you enter the mis-spelled search "The Fighting Temptions" into Google, I am the FIRST website on the hit list. Finally, I'm at the top!

Books and Bedtime

I find I've been really, really tired lately. Last night, an ad came on TV for Altovis, which is some sort of fatigue-fighting "medicine". In the add, Della Reese asks are feeling rundown, grumpy, irritable, cranky, and tired all the time? Then maybe Altovis can help!. I chuckled, and said to Lindsey, I need that! She was a gracious sweety, and said, naw, dad, you don't need that. You just need to get more sleep!

She's right. I try to get to bed by 10pm when I have to work the next day. 5am comes early, and 5-6 hours of sleep a night does NOT cut it with me. The problem is, I like to read. I find it's easiest to read right when I lay down in bed at night. It's quiet. I'm comfortable. I'm not interrupted. So I tell myself, ok, just 15 minutes and then put the book down and go to bed. So, 15 minutes usually turns into at least an hour, usually more, and I wind up hitting the pillow at about 11:30pm.

As I said, 5am comes early.

So, by Saturday and Sunday, I'm just toast! I need to figure out how to just go to bed and go straight to sleep. I never have trouble falling asleep. I just can't put down the book, turn out the light out and go to sleep.

Right now I'm reading In the Company of Heroes, by Michael Durant. He was the Blackhawk helicopter pilot who was shot down in Somalia back in 1993, captured, and paraded across our TV screens. It's the story of his ordeal in captivity, as well as his personal story of how he got to Somalia in the first place. It's been at the same time uplifting, and depressing. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a look into the heart of an American military officer. He's very honest and brave about what he writes, and pulls no punches.

So, if anyone has any suggestions for slow, boring, aching reads that would compel me to sleep earlier, please let me know! For now, I think I'll buy stock in Vivarin. Or maybe get that 30-day free supply of Altovis.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Movie Weekend

Saturday I took Lindsey to see The Chronicles of Riddick, and tonight I took Cameron to see The Stepford Wives. I though both movies were pretty good. Definitely worth seeing, anyway.

Had Lisa and her crew over for dinner on Friday night. I cooked steaks on the new little grill I got for Father's Day. Turned out great! In fact, I had leftover steak and garlic toast for lunch at work both yesterday and today!

Week ahead looks busy. I go into work in the morning to repay a friend for a shift trade, then over to church to work in the fireworks booth till about 5pm. Also, my dad has hip replacement surgery scheduled for tomorrow. He's gonna be in the hospital for a coupla weeks I'm afraid.

Gonna be a long hot day.