Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Overdoing It

Monday night was part one of Camie's birthday party, over at her mom's house, with several girlfriends.  I came by Tuesday morning to get the four of them.  I discovered they had not slept that night... AT ALL.  Uh huh, I knew how this day was gonna go.  We headed over to pick up one more a Lisa's house, then off to WaterWorld.  We got to Lisa's, picked up her daughter, and as I'm getting ready to pack 5 girls and myself into my Focus, Lisa offers the use of her van for the day.  The 4 girls squeezed into my backseat yelled "thank you!", and we were off to WaterWorld.

WaterWorld was great.  The park wasn't very busy, and, although there were lines on the slides, they weren't too long.  Neither were the food lines.  Weather was very warm, and I forgot to use sunscreen.  This was my first real venture into the sun this summer, so you can imagine the results.  At least I kept my tank top on most of the day, so the sunburn is just on my face, arms, shoulders, and neck, not my entire torso!  At about 4pm I corralled the girls and said it's time to get going.  They all protested, lightly, that they weren't tired, and they could stay longer!  I said no, we've been here about 5 hours, and that's long enough.  So, off we went. 

By the time we pulled out onto Arden Way, at least of the girls was dead asleep in the van.  After I dropped off Lisa's daughter and returned her van, I put the girls back in my car and took off to take them home.  EVERY one of them was dead asleep by the time we got to the next light. 

Cameron got to bed last night around 6pm, and slept until 11am this morning.  17 hours.  Not tired, indeed.  LOL

I overdid the sun thing, and couldn't sleep at all last night.  Not to mention the fact that the owner of my bed needed it back, so I dismantled it.  She and her husband game by about 7pm and picked it up.  I need to go bed shopping now, but that's actually OK, cuz the cal-king-sized bed was actually too big for my room.  I want something a bit smaller so I have more space.

Vacation's going well, so far.  14 days left!

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

One Day Down

Well, day one of vacation is under the belt.  Pretty uneventful.  Paid some bills.  Looked at beds.  Took Camie and several of her friends over to her mom's for her birthday party (thank you to Lisa for letting me borrow her van for a couple hours so I could pick up the kids).  Saw King Arthur with Lindsey.  I liked it, but she didn't so much.  In a nutshell, think Braveheart and it's theme of freedom, and King Arthur is very similar, only Braveheart did it a lot better.
Topped off the evening with a very nice, 2 hour chat with Lisa.  We were just hanging out on her porch after I dropped her daughter back from Camie's party.  The evening was so nice and cool after the freakin' hot day.  Topping it off with a good conversation with a friend is just right.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Clouds Are Clearing

Ok, I feeling like posting an entry finally.  I'm not dead, but I think I was kinda depressed for a week or so.  Lindsey was gone to Wyoming for her mission trip (which she just returned from today, and apparently they had a rollicking good time), Cameron was at her mom's, Emily's busy with her 18-year old life,  and I was here all alone, in my little apartment all myself... alone....just me... alone.  The walls were kinda closing in on me, and I dunno.... I just started feeling all un-sociable and hermitty.  Today is the start of my two week vacation, so maybe that has something to do with my feeling suddenly better, as well.  Hmmmm.... naw... who am I kidding? It's the girls.  I miss them when they are gone. 
Well, Lindsey's back and she had a great time.  She was part of a work crew in Casper, Wyoming, that spent the week tearing the roof off this little house, and putting down new shingles.  The house had 3 layers of old shingling to remove, and Lindsey said they filled a garbage dumpster at least twice a day with roof remnants.  They stayed at a junior high school in Casper, and slept in the classrooms.  She's over at mom's now, but I get the official debrief when she comes over tomorrow night for Stargate SG-1 Monday.
Cameron (whom I think I will refer to as Camie from now on... that is her preferred moniker) turned 13 on Friday.  She and I took Lisa and her crew to a chinese food place for dinner, and then headed back over to Lisa's place for cake and ice cream.  It was a pretty cool little birthday for her.  Tomorrow & Tuesday is birthday part-2 for Camie.  She gets and overnighter at Mom's house, then I'm taking Camie and 4 girlfriends to Waterworld for a day of frolicking and baking in the summer sun.  I'm actually looking forward to it.  The girls are old enough to go and play by themselves, and I'll have nothing to do but float around the lazy river and play in the wave pool, and people-watch.  Yup.... people watch at Waterworld.  Life could be worse.... ;-)
I'm really looking forward to my vacation.  I'm not going to have a lot of money, but I won't be at work.  Right now, that's a great thing.  Work is fine, don't get me wrong.  But I am SO bored right now.  I can, quite literally on many occasions, do my job in my sleep.  Just ask my co-workers, it's true.  This should not be.  There needs to be SOME challenge.  There just isn't anymore.  So, the vacation will be nice.  Some camping, some swimming, some sunning, maybe some movies.... just being off work.  It'll be nice.
Oh... if anyone has a good idea where I can find a nice queen sized bed, lemme know.  I need to go shopping this week and find one.  The king-sized bed I have has been a loaner for the last year from a really good friend, but it's time to give it back.  There's some MUCH needier people at my church that lost several things in a fire, and they need a bed, badly.  I'm ready to give up the cal-king cuz it's just TOO big for the bedroom.
So, I'm still alive and kicking.  I was just dealing with a little bit of being depressed this last week.  I don't do "alone" very well, for very long.  A few days is GREAT, but more than that and it's kinda old.