Saturday, May 29, 2004


I was moved to tears watching and listening to the dedication of the National World War Two Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. today. My dad is a WWII vet, and his stories of WWII have captivated me for years, since I was a child. More and more as I've grown older I've learned more of the truth of what my dad did in WWII. I honor his service, and thank him for the sacrifice he was willing to make.

Yes, he was a scared kid when he went, barely 18 years old, but he went, and fought, and won, so that his kids (not even thought of at the time) would be safe.

If you know any WWII vets, give 'em a hug. Or just say thank you. Same goes for any veterans you may know, from whatever era. They all did a great thing, and this is a good time to say thank you.

If you are an anti-war activist who thinks America is the source of evil in the world, and Iraqi's would be better of if we'd never invaded their country and deposed Saddam Hussein; if you think our military is corrupt and George Bush is a lying cheat, and he isn't YOUR President because he wasn't elected but appointed by the U.S. Supreme Court; if you think America is a bully and should work closer with countries like France (who hasn't defended itself successfully without help in over 250 years) and Russia (ethical and moral stalwart to the world that brought us Communism, Stalin, and ruthlessly killed millions in an effort to protect inself during the Cold War); if you are a whining, sniveling apologist who is ashamed to be an American because you think the world doesn't like us... why don't you show some courage and do this?

On this Memorial Day weekend, how about you look an elderly WWII vet in the eye and tell him how you feel. Why don't you look in the eyes of a person, who fought for your precious and inalienable right to speak your mind and have your opinions, and tell them exactly how you feel. Tell this person, who was shot at, bled, and probably watched his buddies die in the frozen fields of Germany, or the bloody beaches of Normandy, or the mud of an island in the Pacific, exactly how you feel. Tell a Gold Star mom, who lost a son or possibly daughter to the violence of WWII while they were defending the next generations right to EXIST, how you feel.

Tell them all Thank You. It's because of them... because they were able to answer the call and put on a uniform; or at home, to work long hours in factories, plant Victory Gardens, and buy War Bonds; it's because of them that YOU are here, and have the right to your opinions.

So, how about, just this weekend, keep your opinion to yourself, and tell someone thank you for THEIR sacrifice, so that YOU maybe don't have to.

I'm very proud to ask: God, Please Bless the USA.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Gotta Get Outta Dodge!

I'm tired. Mentally and physically tired. Some things I'd left undone are coming to roost, and it's tiring me out worrying about it.

It mostly all centers around money, right now. IRS issues left over from my married days are going to force some tight finances for a while. IRS wants to levy part of my wages for some back taxes. At first when I saw the notice I was beside myself with outrage. But, in the end, I realize it's years of bad decisions on my part that has forced things to this point. I guess it's time I sucked it up and took care of things. I feel like I'm treading water, and I need to start swimming.

My back has been killing me for the last two or three weeks. The lower lumbar muscles, right in the small of my back, have been spasming, and just plain sore. There's times when I twist the wrong way or lean the wrong way that it feels like a knife in my back. I think it might be attributable to one of the chairs I use at work, and how I sit in it. Not the best ergonomics or posture, but then our entire comm center sucks when it comes to ergonomics or comfortable work chairs. I tried to cut down on the ibuprofen I use, but no freakin' way is that gonna work. I think I'll hit up the doctor in a couple of weeks if things don't improve. I've waited this long because I know what his first reaction will be: Hmmmm, you're back hurts, huh? Well, be still as much as possible, don't lift things, rest, and take pain killers. Uh huh. Thanks, doc.

Work has been tough, too. Not in the sense that work is hard, because it's not. My job is a piece of cake. I'm just bored to death with it, and having a hard time dragging myself in each day. Part of that, I'm certain, is attributable to the fact that I'm exhausted. But also, I think I'm at one of the low points in what I call the ebb-and-flow of the work cycle. I believe there are times when a persons work makes them feel productive and useful, and times when it's a drudgery. I'm in the drudgery cycle right now.

So, in an effort to recharge and regroup, I'm going camping this Memorial Day weekend. Back up to Salt Point State Park like I did last year. Only this year I have a nice new LARGE sleeping bag, a sleeping pad, and a good tent. I'm going to take a few books, some beer (no, I don't get drunk, I just like to have a beer), my camera, radio, coffee pot, and a pair of binoculars, and just chill for three days.

Without even meaning to, my friend Lisa really helped me put things in my life in perspective. She found out that the principal at the elementary school across the street from her home, where some of her day care kids attend school, has a medical problem.

She has an inoperable brain tumor.


Like I said, time for me to suck it up and deal. I don't have it all that bad.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

The Pony's

Went to CLJ's award night at her middle school. They call the awards "The Pony's", named after the school mascot, which is a mustang. They are general awards for the performance arts: media, drama, journalism, and band. The kids all dress up fancy (ball gowns and tuxedos for many kids), and the multi-purpose room gets decorated all glittery. They even have a white limo to drive the girls from the lower parking lot to the upper lot so they can make an entrance.

CLJ got an award for drama participation, and was nominated for an award in two categories: best video and dance. She and two friends were presenters for two awards in the media category ("and the Pony goes to...."). I was very proud of her.

Sunday, May 23, 2004


Ok... I woke up Saturday morning about 2:30am feeling a little queasy. Not good for the middle of the night. Tried to roll over and go back to sleep but the queasy thing just wouldn't go away. Finally, about 20 minutes later, the reason my body was kind enough to wake me made itself abundantly clear. I made the bathroom in plenty of time, but ugh... I called in sick to work, needless to say.

What I neglected to post in my entry from Thursday night was, while on the way to dinner with Lisa and her crew, her daughter was ill and vomited in the van. On me, on Lisa, on the floor, etc. Poor thing... it's really not her fault. She said she was feeling bad before we left, but... anyway, we took he van back home, cleaned it up real good, and went off to dinner after all. It's pretty clear where my illness came from. Lisa's kids and her foster kid's had it on Friday. I guess it just took an extra day to get to me.

So let me tell you I've sicker in the past 36 hours than I've been in a very long time. I think I was worshipping the porcelain god at least every 2-1/2 to 3 hours, from 3am Saturday to about midnight Saturday night. I finally slept well after midnight, and woke up pretty late today. I must say, I feel a lot better, but oh so weak. Feel like a kitten. I haven't felt THIS sick in a long time. Whatever it was sure hit me hard. I hope I didn't pass it off to anyone at work when I was there on Friday.

Gonna pick up my dad at the airport in the morning. He's flying in from Utah where he was visiting my brother David and his family for a few days.

Anyway... this typing has made me tired. I gotta go lay down.....