Saturday, October 09, 2004


The mouse problem at work is getting out of hand. Did I mention that I had a mouse jump out of my utility drawer at work?

I usually keep a bag of sunflower seeds, tightly closed and taped up, in my utility drawer at work. The other day I also put a box of Cheez-It's in there, tightly closed with the inner wrapper rolled up right. So, an hour later I come back to put my gear away for the day. When I opened the drawer, out pops a tiny grey mouse. And I mean popped! I must have startled the heck out of him, cuz he jumped a good foot straight in the air, over the side of the drawer, onto the floor, and scurried under a table and behind the chest-of-drawers and was gone in a flash.

Now, I think it was kinda funny, if just a tad gross. Mice don't bother me that much. They are actually cute little critters, when they are cleaned up in a cage. But the sub-floor dwelling, cable chewing, red-eyed sewer mice are a different story. To think it was in my drawer sniffing around.... ARGH!

The best was the reaction of the women in the room. Each one of them reflexively raised their feet off the floor when I mentioned a mouse.

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