Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Pearl Harbor Day

Today is Pearl Harbor Day.

It's a day seldom remembered anymore, at least not on the grand scale it once was. I remember, as a little kid back, in the '70's, having entire school days dedicated to Pearl Harbor Day and remembrances of the attack.

Of course, that was only 30 years after the end of WWII, and was not the "distant past" as it is now. (Think about it.... the memories of WWII during the 1970's were just as fresh for THAT generation of veterans, as memories of Vietnam are for today's veterans.) Most of the vets that served in 1941 are either passed on or getting very old. It won't be long before the memory of Pearl Harbor will live on only in textbooks and families directly related to Pearl Harbor survivors. An excellent website for those wanting to learn a little more about what really happened at Pearl Harbor is the National Geographic site devoted to it.

My hat is off today to all who served our nation during WWII, and especially those that endured the early days and the Pearl Harbor attack. They truly were, and will be for a long time, our Greatest Generation.

On to a lighter note:

I know we all get tons of e-mail from friends forwarding things that they just think are the funniest jokes and cutest pictures ever. However, once in a while I get an e-mail that deserves note.

A friend of mine from church sent me the following photo from a 1954 Popular Mechanics magazine:

Makes one realize just how long ago 50 years was, and then makes one wonder about the next 50 years, huh?

I love cats, and she also sent a series of photos under the e-mail heading: Best Positions In Bed.
Misleading, to say the least.

I don't want to hear from closet kitten haters, or even open, committed kitten haters. I love kittens and think they are adorable. If you don't, just pretend you do and enjoy the photos.

After all, Santa is watching.

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