Friday, March 04, 2005

Why Won't This Issue Go Away?

Article in the Sacramento Bee, 3/4/05 (there's my first problem, I'm reading the Bee, but it's the only game in town!), page 3: Few Favor Immigrant Licensing.

Why not have an accurate article headline, like Immigrant Licensing Overwhelmingly Opposed, or Vast Majority Of Californians Oppose Granting Driver's Licenses to Illegal Aliens ?

Argh. Let this issue die. The Field Poll cited by The Bee shows opposition among registered voters (the only demographic that matters) at 68%, with support at only 29%. Non-registered voters (why even count this demographic, since they won't have any say in a referendum anyway) is closer, with 53% opposed, and 47% in favor, but still with the majority opposed.

Gee, I wonder how the issue is doing among illegal, non-US citizens? Pretty good I bet. Hmm its doing pretty good among Latino non-whites, too, 34% opposed to 64% approve. No mention of how many of those are illegal immigrant/non-registered voters.

It's kinda like asking car thieves if they favor tougher punishment for car thieves.

How can you give someone a license to do a damned illegal thing? Do we truly have idiots running the California legislature? We have to stop encouraging illegal immigration, and begin punishing it to stop the flow of people.

I don't care if my lettuce costs $5 a head, or the price of hotel rooms skyrocket, or if office building bathrooms go unwashed. Those who want the lettuce will buy it, those who want a hotel room will pay for it, and those who need the bathrooms clean will pay someone whatever it takes to do it. The US economy won't crash. The world won't end.

Let the rule of law return to the land. Let the flowers bloom again. Let the trains run on time. And let people immigrate to this great land legally, the way thousands and thousands of legal immigrants have. Let's not have a shortcut for a special group just because that country happens to border our country.

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