Wednesday, June 01, 2005

49er Video Issues

Again the hypocrisy of California politics raises it's head.

San Francisco Chronicle reports Mayor Gavin Newsome is one of a chorus of civic leaders in San Francisco deriding a recently publicized San Francisco 49er training video, shown to team members last August during camp. The video "featured off- color racial jokes, lesbian porn, a spoof of gay marriage and a trio of buxom, topless blondes frolicking with team public relations director Kirk Reynolds."

Remember, this is a private video intended for NFL football players, not grand-mothers at tea after church on Sunday.

The Chronicle goes on to describe scenes in the video, such as former team trainer George Chung portraying a stereo-typical Chinese man, complete with bad accent, making very non-PC jokes such as,
"My name is Suck brother's name is Suck Young -- my whole family suck."

After that, the video portrays a topless lesbian wedding, after which the newly weds get into some heavy petting on the floor, and a gay wedding where two hunky men exchange vows.

"As you guys learned in diversity training,'' the training-video tells the players, "people have diverse lifestyles. You may know someone or have a family member with a diverse lifestyle. So embrace diversity -- embrace it."

There's more, and it's all just as equally non-PC. Equally offensive to many. Equally hilarious to still more.

And now to the point of the hypocrisy.

Those of you not familiar with San Francisco need a short primer on what goes on in The City. San Francisco is the poster city for diversity, acceptance, openness, and "anything goes" in California, if not the entire nation. Lifestyles are embraced, and just about anything you can think of doing is accepted and encouraged. Literally.

Case in point: The Folsom Street Fair is a tradmarked (yes, trademarked) celebration of literally every sort of sexual and lifestyle diversity you can imagine, that is endorsed (yes, endorsed) by the City of San Francisco. Mayor Gavin Newsome himself led the parade kicking off the celebration last year. The Folsom Street Fair celebrates every kind of sexual orientation, kink and perversions known to mankind (except mainstream, non BDSM, monogamous heterosexuality), and embraces it with gusto... publicly... for all the world to see. Nude men and women, leather clad men and women, public displays of S&M, people chained up and led around like dogs, women and men spanked, gagged, humiliated.... open displays of every type of sexual activity the human mind can dream up, with crowds of fully clothed, curious onlookers wandering the streets with cameras taking it all in. If you think I'm kidding, just do a simple Internet search for Folsom Street Fair, and prepare to be amazed.

2nd case in point: a civic history of defying the mainstream by accepting that which the general public clearly does not, ie. homosexuals and homosexual marriage. Mayor Newsome's single-handed defiance of state law got him in a little hot water last year, but it brought The City a new standing in the gay and lesbian community as a progressive, open city where public acceptance of diversity abounds.

San Francisco has the well deserved reputation as a city where "anything goes", when it comes to sexuality, lifestyle, and thought.

Anything, that is, except a private company video that happens to poke fun at a few of the modern sacred cows The City has strived so hard to embrace.

This is a city where an adult male can walk down the street with his penis literally hanging out, engaging in sex with either men, women, or both, on the street in public during a parade led by the mayor. Women can walk butt-naked down the street in the same parade, allowing themselves to be humiliated to degrees most mainstream Americans would find absolutely shocking, and the actions are celebrated as diversity and openness. Homosexual marriage is celebrated by The City, even though California state law still opposes it.

And The San Francisco 49ers can't make a video for private consumption far more tame than anything mentioned above without catching heat. Chris Rock and Chappelle make more risque and off color jokes about race and sexuality on their TV shows. They earn Emmy nominations.

Why are the 49ers getting such heat for a private video produced for... lemme see if I can remember... Oh, yes... NFL football player!

Because Hizzoner The Mayor, and some of The City's sacred cows, was made fun of... and we just can't allow that.

In the most libertine city in the world where men can walk down the street "with their willies a-flapping" (as Armstrong and Getty put it on Talk650 KSTE), this video draws fire?

American Liberalism is neither American, nor liberal. It is the most constricting form of political thought in the US, because for all it's "openness", American Liberalism is highly unnaccepting of life-styles and ideas that don't accept THEIR life-styles and ideas.

Maybe this explains the 49ers dismal season last year. Too much PC, not enough breakin' heads.

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