Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Now to the lighter side of things. My daughter turned 14 on Saturday, Happy Birthday to her! My baby is 14. Talk about mind-blowing.

I've been working a lot lately, trying to earn a few extra dollars to take on vacation with me in August. I'd like to drive back up to Humboldt and see my brother, and maybe even drive back to Utah and see my other brother and his family.

Now, a fluffier bit, which really hit home when I thought about my daughter turning 14. What is up with female teachers seducing their teenage male students? What the heck is going on with that? I'm convinced it's not a new phenomenon, but a newly publicized one. A co-worker and I were joking around the other day, saying how when WE were 14 year olds in junior high school, none of our teachers looked like this:

We were also joking about just how "victimized" we'd have felt if we were that 14-year "victim" she seduced. Let's be honest here: crazy or not, this is a very attractive young woman. Even her booking photos are pretty good. I don't see how a 14-year old boy could put up much of a fight if someone like this approached him, someone he genuinely liked, and offered him the very thing he's been dreaming about every day and night for the past few years since he hit puberty. Still doesn't make it right, and she needs to either be put in jail or get some serious psychiatric help because she crossed a line she KNEW she wasn't supposed to, but it does beg the question on the difference between boys and girls.

I'm beginning to think young teachers, male and female, should not be teaching in the upper grades at all. A 23-year old is not all that far removed from high-school, or even junior high-school, and it seems like the temptation is just too great, on both sides. Or maybe tighter psych screening is the answer. Or home-schooling. Who knows. I just thinks it weird, this rash of teacher/student stuff going on. Very odd.

Although, I do wonder, why there were no teachers like her at my junior high school? Sigh.

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