Friday, September 30, 2005

Reading Is Fundamental

Ok, so there's times I just don't even feel like writing, or messing with the computer.

Sometimes I feel like I'm way too entwined in the electronic world. I work with computers every work day, 10 hours-a-day. I come home and sit at the computer and look at blogs and web-pages of interest to me. I scan the news on Google, and check my mail. I respond to a few things. Then I look at a few more webpages. When I'm done, I watch some TV.


Before I know it, I've wasted.... yes, wasted.... 2-3 hours sitting in front of the computer screen! What am I doing?? I sit in front of computer screens for a living!! Then, I watch TV! Why the heck am I giving this much time to it at home?

TV is also pretty much a waste. I am so burned out on politics and disaster coverage. I don't even want to watch Fox News, or O'Reilly, or any of those shows that I usually really like. It's all so predictable. Democrats complain about Republicans. The poor are downtrodden. Blacks are disenfranchised (what the heck does that mean, anyway?). Bush is evil (WTF? I wanna smack the next person who says that - that's one of the single stupidest things I've ever heard. I've you've ever actually uttered the words "Bush is evil", then you're a crowd-following lemming, and an idiot.) .

I think I've about spent the little emotional reserve I keep. I think I need to get out and unwind.

TV entertainment programming is just as bad. Yes, including Desperate Housewives, cause I know there are folks who just LOVE that show. I don't think much of a show about bored, selfish, shallow, neglected wives who all happen to look like models and think there's nothing wrong with infidelity, crudeness and seducing the pool boy. Just not my idea of quality TV. In fact, the show has no admirable qualities at all unless your life is so shallow that you get off reveling in the sheer decadence of the show.

I know there are those that disagree with me. You are entitled to be wrong.

(Ok, one caveat - Battlestar Galactica and SG-1 are NOT wastes of time. They are my rechargers, my escapes and my relaxation. Not to mention BSG just kicks butt!)

But, I stray from my point. I'm kinda burned out on the big issues. So, I've been doing a lot of escapist reading lately. Peter Hamilton's space-opera-saga called The Dark Night trilogy. I'm on book 5 of 6. He originally wrote them as 3 large, nearly 1000 pages each, novels that have been broken down into 6, more manageable 500+ page novels. Of course, 6 novels costs more than 3, so there's probably a financial incentive.

But anyway...

This is what's going on right now. I'm just kinda mind-burned on the big stuff. This will probably last a week or so until something else just burns me up and I have to spout off.

Until then, read a book!

Feel free to roll your eyes at my ever-so-humble opinions.

Or flip me off.

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