Monday, November 21, 2005

Playing Checkers

I need to be as vague as I can because this is a semi-public forum, and I never know who will read it.

I'm smitten. Honest. It's like a little, warm, fuzzy ball in my brain. I can't help it.

There's a checker at the grocery down the street who has just stolen my heart. Well, not really all of it, but enough that my little heart goes pitter- (not quite -patter, but just pitter-) when I see her working. I will wait in long lines to go through HER line.

She outrageously cute, with long dark hair, very dark eyes (just makes me melt), always smiling, always remembers me, and definitely talks to me in a way I'm certain is different from how she talks to all the other guys. No, really, she does.

(Ok, that last part made me laugh just writing it.... but I digress)

Since I have far to large a sense of propriety about these things, I shall quietly pine for her in my heart, and keep my quaint little fantasies to myself. I shall not cross the unwritten boundaries between customer and checker, for once crossed, such a line is never re-drawn, and the prospect of shopping elsewhere unacceptable, for that would be a shop where she is not.

I shall, however be a faithful customer, enduring the long lines, and dutifully redeem my 2-for-1 coupons with her, and her only, for as long as I shop.

I also bought a new celphone today. I dropped and finally busted my other one. So I wandered down to my trusty MetroPCS store and bought a Motorola V262. Sounds impressive, huh?

Well, it is to me. I've never had a "flip-phone". My phones have always been the mundane, trusty, boring old straight, flat phones.

Now I've got a sexy phone! Well, a little sexier, anyway. For me.

Funny, though, it doesn't DO anything better than my old phone. I've got a good camera, so I don't need a camera in my phone. It still has the same old people in my phone list (I was hoping for someone new). It's sure small though!

I know this: I'm gonna break this one a lot faster than the last.

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