Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm Tired Of The Lies and the Lying Liars that Lie To Us

We're being lied to, and I can't hardly stand it any longer.

I try hard not to keep myself inundated by our Media, mainly because none of them tell us the truth. It's so hard to know what to believe, what's truthful, what's spin, and what's outright lying.

Don't trust any of the news coming out of the Middle East that you see on TV. We are being played so badly it's sickening. Watch this video that can be found on (and a dozen other places), then do a search for Pallywood, and see just how badly you are being lied to, and how the Western Media is feeding you pablum and lies every single day.

Remember, the Western Media thrives and survives on what's sensational. Houses burn down every day in American, but good lord, catch one on video, and it'll be national news. If there are no images, no video, no emotion tied to the story, then its NOT a story.

If you don't believe there's more staging and media spin going on in the Middle East than you are being told, read up a bit.

And that's just for starters.

I'm gonna go back into my little hidey-hole, stick my head in the sand, build by 14' X 14' shack in the wilderness and husband weapons now.

Just don't take what the media is feeding you at face value. We're being lied to folks. Acknowledge that, and you're on the way to some true news.


Ed Abbey said...

Well I only had time to watch about half of that video but here are my observations.

The speaker in the video definitely wanted the viewer to believe that the entire conflict was set up only for film. He shows a guy supposedly getting shot in his leg and asks the viewer why three people would risk dragging him off in the line of fire making you want to assume that their is no firing happening. Yet it is clearly seen in the background of their video, puffs of dust from bullets hitting the road and the men ducking shortly there after. He criticized the people for dragging the guy but when you are under fire, does one really want to stop and strap someone properly to a board? The only other evidence that the speaker offered was the ambulance stopping short and the lack of blood in a grainy video taken a long way away from the victim. It may have been faked but I don't buy it. That right there lost my interest in believing anything else the speaker in the video had to say.

Sure if I were watching Palestinian videos I would take them with a grain of salt just like I would with Hezbollah, Hamas or Al-Jazeera videos. Does that mean that all videos seen on say NBC Nightly news are staged? Hardly. I think Western media is just fine. The Eastern media especially from the middle east is the one you should be pointing your finger at.

Mike J. said...

It's not just that particular video, Ed. Photos uses for newspaper stories, accounts of events, body counts.... even accounts of local events right here in my city that I have intimate knowledge of because of where I work.... the media NEVER quite gets the truth right, and ALWAYS skews toward the sensational. The Sheriff's administration has even documented circumstances when the local newspaper outright lied, and demanded a retraction that came on the bottom of page B3 in a tiny little box.

Go back to Hurrican Katrina and New Orleans, for example. We were treated to horror stories of rape and pillaging and murder gone rampant inside the Super Dome. It was a sensational, riveting story. Every media outlet ran with it, hard. When the truth came out a few days later that NOTHING of the sort happened, no murders, no rapes, just unhappy, hungry people and some fighting, well, that's not so sensational anymore, and the stories stopped. The retraction was less than 1/2-hearted, and there was very, very little followup. To this day, I talk to people who insist that the rapes and murders happened, because they saw it on the news.

The same is true in this middle east fight. Accounts of death tolls vary on both sides, but the media, OUR media, ALWAYS runs with the higher body count as their headline, and in a small paragraph buried deep in the story will balance it by saying the other side differs, and says this many died. I've found that, almost always, if you follow up on a particular battle a few days later, he Israeli account is almost always the more accurate account of what happened. Hezbollah purposely exagerates and lies to gain the initial upperhand in the media.

Our media swallows the information and propaganda fed to it every day, skims out the less elegant and compelling parts, and airs the sensational footage, and most emotional news.

I guess I should moderate my comments by saying, I don't believe everyone in the American media is lying. Most journalists are hardworking people trying to make a living, and probably believe they are turning out a quality product telling and important story (Jayson Blair exempted, of course). But our media IS being manipulated and being fed news meant to influence the opinion of it's viewers, and our media outlets are complicit in that they either don't realize it, or they are willing accomplices.

Like I said, the first step, I believe, is to realize we're being manipulated for a purpose.