Thursday, September 02, 2010

A New Emphasis

Since my daughter Lindsey has decided to open a blog and try to keep the family informed of her doings, I've decided to do the same with my blog,...... again...... too

As everyone who knows me knows, I'm a big man.  Obese is the better word, but because that word sorta hurts me when I say it, I tend to shy away from it.  To help with the ease of writing, I'll stick with "big".

Big to the tune of around 400lbs, which is way too much.  I've joined a gym, which is helpful when I go, but I haven't been going very regularly as of late, which is to say "not at all as of late".

So, I've decided to re-double my efforts to eat less better, exercise more some, and live a more hea.... cough cough.... a more health..... cough! cough!..... a more ..... h-e-a-l-t-h-y life.

I swear, I think I gag on that word.  Healthy.  The very mention brings to mind unbuttered toast and dry baked potatoes.  It makes me think of soy nuts and wheat grass and unsalted butter.

(I'm at work as I write this, and a shooting call just came in.  A robbery at a  drug store went bad, and two people are shot, one very badly.  Hmmmm puts that "healthy" issue in a little bit different perspective.)

Anywho, in my effort to live a more healthy lifestyle, I've joined up on a website called Live Strong. Live Strong is associated with Lance Armstrong's effort to promote healthier living.  On this website they have a really cool food diary/calorie/nutrition tracker that I'm going to be using to track my eating.  I started this back in February, but my efforts tailed off.  As of today I'm going to renew my efforts and redouble my resolve.


Anyway, you can track my progress if you like, by clicking on the link I'm going to put on the sidebar of this blog, or by simply checking back here from time to time as I write about my efforts.

I don't want to "diet".  We all know diets only work so long as one stays committed to eating in the prescribed fashion.  I really want to change my life.

We'll see how it goes.

P.S. Alene made a wonderful balsamic vinegar & honey glazed peach pork chops the other night.  Healthier, right?

1 comment:

Lindsey Marie said...

This is great, dad! And that meal looks just nifty.

Hehe, this "health" phobia of yours... We're gonna have to start some cognitive behavioral therapy with that one. I'm gonna be a nutritionist, come hell or high water, and I can't have you bursting in to hives every time I mention vitamins!

How about we start with me talking a bit about vegetables and fiber, and you listen until your anxiety comes back down to a four... (I've been watching lots of Obsessed on A&E... forgive me!!)

Hahaha. :) Love you, dad!