Monday, March 29, 2004

Long Weekend

Took the girls to Red Robin for dinner Saturday night. EFJ had her guide dog puppy with her, so the waiter offered if we wanted to sit on the patio, because of the dog. I don't think they had any issue with the dog being in the restaurant, I think they were honestly giving us an option if we wanted one, because it was VERY busy in the restaurant. So, we went out to the patio, because it was a lot quieter out there. Turns out it was a lot COLDER too. But they turned on one of the gas heaters, and things were ok.

At one point a couple of loud drunk white guys with shaved heads and muscle shirts walked out to their truck in the parkinglot. They were trying to be cool, and backed up their Toyota 4x4 over a dirt berm next to the parkinglot. They high-centered and got stuck! We laughed and laughed. They rocked the truck back and forth for about 10 minutes and finally got loose, but it was funny. I love it when idiots try to be cool, and it backfires. They took off in a cloud of dust and spinning tires.

Sunday after work I had play practice at church. I'm gonna be awful busy this week, with play practice Monday and Wednesday nights, and the perfomances the rest of the week. Tuesday night I'm going with Troy and some other men from church down to the Union Gospel Mission in downtown Sacramento to put on a church service for them. I'm singing "Defining Moment" by Newsong. Good group and powerful song. I hope God grants that I do well to glorify Him.

Busy busy day ahead. I'll post up some more later. Take care all!

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