Monday, May 31, 2004

Camping: Day One

I left Sacramento about 3:30pm, and rolled into Salt Point State Park at about 8:30pm, right after sunset. Yes, I turned a 3 hour trips into a 5 hour trip. I took Hwy20 out of Davis to Winters, then Hwy128 from Winters all the way to Geyserville. Remind me never to do that again. Oh, my what a long drive! I was hoping for a drive that was a bit off the beaten track - something different and new. Well, it WAS that. I think the road out of Geyserville to the coast was little more than a paved mule-track at times. At one point I felt like I was driving straight up hill! The road right near the coast (close to Stewart's Head) was literally one lane, with hairpin turns on a crumbly road, through a prehistoric looking forest. I expected to see a dinosaur come out of the trees and bite my car!

But I made it, just in time for the sunset. It was beautiful. I set up camp in about 30 minutes, then settled in for a few minutes with my book - Hidden Prey, by John Sanford. I've read every one of his books, and although they are somewhate R rated, they are the best police/detective books I've come across. I went to bed around 11pm. Winds were light and it never did get very cold. There was a bright moon, bright enough to read by.

Today, I woke up around 8am. About half the campground was awake, and most everyone else bugged out after breakfast. Right now I think there's about 6 out of 30 campsites taken. I had oatmeal and a couple of fried Danish rolls for breakfast. If you've never had your Danish pastry fried, I highly recommend you try it. Anyway, I cleaned up, then went down to the sea.

It's been very windy today, probably 15-20mph winds all day. This morning I hiked all over Gerstle Cove, and climbed the rocks. I prayed and got moved by the Spirit, and preached a sermon to the rocks and grass. All about our purpose in life, and our mission, which is to worship God. I must have talked for 30 minutes or more. It was strange: kind of an out of body experience. All I know is, God told me to preach, so I did. I realize that God was moving me to preach to myself. Practice for what I'd like to do some day, but also things I needed to hear myself.

In the afternoon I drove up to Gualala to go to the pharmacy and get a phone-card. I bought a few small trinkets for my girls and Lisa. Then I wandered around the Gualala Point Regional Park, and walked down to the beach. It was incredibly windy. I mean howling wind! The beach was literally covered with the oddest things - jellyfish. By the thousands they were being washed ashore. Probably by the high winds. You could see thousands more bouncing around in the surf.

After, I drove back to camp, and settled in to read. Dinner, and more reading next to the fire after sundown made for a pleasant evening, but the wind! It made a cool evening quite cold.

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