Saturday, June 05, 2004

Partying Hardy

Went over to Lisa's last night, to help her with an end-of-the-school-year Graduation and Promotion party for 3 kids she home-schools. My main job was to hold Shawna, her little new-born foster baby, so Lisa could deal with the rest of the ceremony and party. I had no problem with this arrangement. I love holding that baby. She's such a sweet thing, and so tiny! She seems to like me, because any time she's crying, I can pick her up, bounce her for just a moment, and she stops crying right away. I think she's a bout five weeks old.

So, I get to Lisa's about 5:30pm. I held Shawna while Lisa finished up the preperations, and the ceremony went off without a hitch. In fact, I was rather impressed at what she'd put together. I mean, she runs a day-care out of her home, and home-schools her foster daughter and two other little kids. It's not exactly what you'd picture as a "school". But a friend made a small stage in the backyard for her, she orderd trophies, made several certificates, and had an actual Kindergarten graduation for one child, and promotion for the other two. It was quite cool. Several parents and all her daycare kids were there, and it was treated like the real thing. The kindergartener even got one of those flat graduation hats! Very, very cool.

I cooked up some hamburgers and hotdogs on the bar-b-que afterward, and we all had dinner. I got to know a few of the parents there. They all thought I was a parent of a child, but no, just I was just a gadfly over for a free meal. Hehe. Overall, it was very nice, and I'm glad I went. Lisa constantly suprises me with what she does with her "day-care" and how much of an impact she has on the lives of these kids and their families. Reminds me in many ways of my mom and the impact she had on the families of those kids she cared for all those years.

I went back to my apartment and took LMJ (she didn't feel like going to Lisa's with me, and I understand that) to pick up her dog and come back to the apartment for the night. I miss having LMJ stay with me, and I'm looking forward to summer and spending more time with her.

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