Friday, May 28, 2004

Gotta Get Outta Dodge!

I'm tired. Mentally and physically tired. Some things I'd left undone are coming to roost, and it's tiring me out worrying about it.

It mostly all centers around money, right now. IRS issues left over from my married days are going to force some tight finances for a while. IRS wants to levy part of my wages for some back taxes. At first when I saw the notice I was beside myself with outrage. But, in the end, I realize it's years of bad decisions on my part that has forced things to this point. I guess it's time I sucked it up and took care of things. I feel like I'm treading water, and I need to start swimming.

My back has been killing me for the last two or three weeks. The lower lumbar muscles, right in the small of my back, have been spasming, and just plain sore. There's times when I twist the wrong way or lean the wrong way that it feels like a knife in my back. I think it might be attributable to one of the chairs I use at work, and how I sit in it. Not the best ergonomics or posture, but then our entire comm center sucks when it comes to ergonomics or comfortable work chairs. I tried to cut down on the ibuprofen I use, but no freakin' way is that gonna work. I think I'll hit up the doctor in a couple of weeks if things don't improve. I've waited this long because I know what his first reaction will be: Hmmmm, you're back hurts, huh? Well, be still as much as possible, don't lift things, rest, and take pain killers. Uh huh. Thanks, doc.

Work has been tough, too. Not in the sense that work is hard, because it's not. My job is a piece of cake. I'm just bored to death with it, and having a hard time dragging myself in each day. Part of that, I'm certain, is attributable to the fact that I'm exhausted. But also, I think I'm at one of the low points in what I call the ebb-and-flow of the work cycle. I believe there are times when a persons work makes them feel productive and useful, and times when it's a drudgery. I'm in the drudgery cycle right now.

So, in an effort to recharge and regroup, I'm going camping this Memorial Day weekend. Back up to Salt Point State Park like I did last year. Only this year I have a nice new LARGE sleeping bag, a sleeping pad, and a good tent. I'm going to take a few books, some beer (no, I don't get drunk, I just like to have a beer), my camera, radio, coffee pot, and a pair of binoculars, and just chill for three days.

Without even meaning to, my friend Lisa really helped me put things in my life in perspective. She found out that the principal at the elementary school across the street from her home, where some of her day care kids attend school, has a medical problem.

She has an inoperable brain tumor.


Like I said, time for me to suck it up and deal. I don't have it all that bad.

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