Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

My oldest daughter, Emily, broke up with her boyfriend yesterday. To be honest, I saw it coming, I just wasn't sure when it would happen. She's much too bright and has much to much on the ball to be tied down this young. I'm happy she's gone out partying a bit with friends. She's been so responsible all her young life, I'm happy to see her go out and blow off a little bit of steam. The only problem is, the boy isn't taking it too well, and he's doing the psycho thing just a tad. I say give him a few days, and he'll get over it, but if not, I'll have a talk with him, and I'm sure he'll get the point.

My dad had his hip replacement surgery last week, and is recovering just great. He's due home from therapy this Saturday.

July 4th weekend was sort of a blur. I went to my brother Glenn's house and watched their fireworks show and talked. It was a nice visit. He bought himself a 50" wide-screen HDTV, and it rocks! I think his house is gonna be Kings Central come this fall.

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