Tuesday, July 20, 2004

One Day Down

Well, day one of vacation is under the belt.  Pretty uneventful.  Paid some bills.  Looked at beds.  Took Camie and several of her friends over to her mom's for her birthday party (thank you to Lisa for letting me borrow her van for a couple hours so I could pick up the kids).  Saw King Arthur with Lindsey.  I liked it, but she didn't so much.  In a nutshell, think Braveheart and it's theme of freedom, and King Arthur is very similar, only Braveheart did it a lot better.
Topped off the evening with a very nice, 2 hour chat with Lisa.  We were just hanging out on her porch after I dropped her daughter back from Camie's party.  The evening was so nice and cool after the freakin' hot day.  Topping it off with a good conversation with a friend is just right.

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