Friday, September 03, 2004


Busy week, so let's recap.

Tuesday: went down to the Union Gospel Mission, as I stated in the previous entry. What a blessing. This is my 3rd or 4th time going with our team, and the folks down remember us, and gave us a nice welcome. I sang my songs, Troy preached his message, and we had about 4 people come forward for counseling or prayer. Each person saved/touched/helped makes it worth it.

Wednesday: Down to dad's for breakfast. I mentioned earlier about 'saying the things I want to say' to him, and this week was no different. He's so appreciative of the breakfast trips, and the talks we have. He and I really have a kindred spirit. I'm more like my dad than I realize. Wednesday night church and choir practice. We starting on our Christmas program, which will be performed sometime in early December.

Thursday: Work, etc. Went over to my brother's house and visited with him and his fiance for a bit. He just switched to dayshift today, after many years of working graves (just like I did), and he was feeling celebratory. For several reason, really, but more on that later.

Lindsey had dress-rehearsal last night for the church's youth musical. Performances are Fri/Sat/Sun. She's understandably nervous. She has a nice solo toward the end of the show, and I've helped her practice a few times at home. She is so talented, and has such a big, lovely voice, but she doesn't think so. I'm looking forward to the show, because it will do so much to help boost her confidence.

I'm at work now, bored out of my skull. Looking forward to the play tonight. If I think of something actually exciting, I'll post it.

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