Tuesday, September 21, 2004

WMD & Taxes

Day one at WMD class. It is a complete waste of time for me, because not one iota of this particular class applies to my profession. However, I'm getting paid 20 hours of overtime for it, and I have to admit I find the subject matter interesting, even if it doesn't really apply to me. Not a total loss for me, by any means.

Factoid for all of you Kerry supporters who think the rich don't pay their way:

The wealthiest 1 percent, in 2001, earned
15 percent of the income and paid 34 percent of all individual income taxes.
By comparison, the bottom 50 percent of all taxpayers
14 percent of all income and paid just 5 percent of all individual income taxes.

Now, I'm not rich. I'm not in either the top 1 percent, or the bottom 50 percent. So why am I carrying water for that top 1 percent? Because one day, I hope to be a part of that 1 percent, and I don't want anyone coming to me and saying I don't deserve what I earn.

Oh, today's the last day of summer! I am SO looking forward to fall and winter. Apple Hill is open, and I think I need to make a day trip very soon.

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