Monday, September 27, 2004


So I finished the WMD class. I have to admit, I actually had a good time. Nothing in the simulations actually pertained to my job in particular, but I found the concepts involved in Incident Command involving a large response pretty interesting. Seeing how law enforcement would coordinate with all the other emergency responders was a lot of fun. Plus, I got to be the Incident Commander. I was somewhat dismayed that the experienced police and sheriff sergeants and policy planners on my team didn't have any better ideas than I did. On the other hand, I held my own with all these people just fine, which made me feel pretty good.

A history teacher at San Juan High School died this past week. Todd Morrison Harris. Emily was in his history class for 2 years, and Lindsey was in his class last year. He truly was one of those great teachers that only come along every so often. I often called him a liberal-whacko when my kids and I talked about him. But he was the teacher whose class everyone looked forward to attending. He made history come alive. He challenged the kids to think, and to expore. So many kids were touched by his advice and guidance. I took Lindsey to his memorial yesterday. SRO at the chapel, and the comments could have gone on for hours. I was more a celebration of the man he was, than a mourning of his passing.

I asked Lindsey, as we waited in the parkinglot for cars to move so I could get back to work, what did she think? She'd never been to a funeral or memorial before. She said, it made her think how important it was to share Jesus with her friends, because you just never know when you won't be able to anymore. Not what I expected her to say, but I think she got it right.

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