Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Good News

The eye doctor called yesterday. Camie's CT-scan came back clear. No tumors, no nothing. Well, the brain was there, but you know what I mean. So the doc wants to see her later this week to take another look at her eyes and see what the next step will be. Very good news, though.

Gonna drive up to Eureka tomorrow. My brother and his fiance are to be married on Thursday, so I'm gonna drive up and stand in as a witness/bestman, then drive back home Thursday night. I'm excited not just to see my brother, but to take pictures!!! Mwwaahahaha! There's some stunning countryside along Highway 101. It doesn't hug the coast like Highway 1 does, but as you get closer to Eureka, it does go right near the coast. The mountains along that stretch are just majestic. The redwoods are awesome. And I see the weather should be clear for those two days. If my dad feels up to it, he's going to come along. It just depends on how long he thinks he can sit in the car, what with his hip-replacement.

So, I'll talk to you again probably Saturday. Be safe everyone.

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