Thursday, April 07, 2005

Just updates

I took Camie to the eye-doctor yesterday for a check-up. Doc said the CT-scan was perfectly normal. He looked in her eyes and still saw the swollen optic nerves, so he's gonna schedule her with a neurologist to see what the next step is. They want to check on what they call a pseudotumor. It hasn't caused her any problems with vision whatsoever, so far. It's odd, really. It was just a routine eye-exam, mainly because her sister was getting one for new glasses, that started all this! Anyway, I have a good feeling, and I think she'll be fine.

Have I told you I hate tax time? If I've never told you.... I hate tax time.

I started the new photo project. Not much there, yet, but I'll add a link, and you can visit it here.

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