Monday, May 09, 2005

Birth Announcement

Congratulations to my brother Jack and his wife Pam on the birth of their baby boy, Andrew David. He announced it on our family website thusly:

Pam started to have some labor pains at 0900 hrs on Mothers Day so we watched and tracked them till around 2100 hrs that evening and then we left for the hospital , where at about midnight things began to speed up and she lost her water around 0200 hrs. By the time the doctor arrived she was ready to push and Andrew came less then 10 mins after the doctor walked into the room. PAM IS DOING FINE ...... Austyn was there and saw he little brother being born , but I don't think he was too impressed (he was playing his gameboy) - we love and miss all of you very much . Especially times like this -
Love and Hugs Jack/Pam/Austyn/Andrew

That makes.... lemme think here.... 19 nieces and nephews.

Time for another family party.

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