Monday, May 09, 2005

Sleep of the Dead

As I'd posted previously, I've discovered that getting enough sleep is the secret to life. Enough sleep, I feel great. Not enough sleep, I feel awful.

Yesterday I felt awful. Friday and Saturday night I was up pretty late both nights, transporting my daughter home from a couple of birthday parties she attended. Having to get up at 4:30am, going to bed at midnight or so just doesn't cut it.

Last night, after the Friday of my work week, I came home. The kids were all at their mom's celebrating Mother's Day with her, so my apartment was quiet and empty. At about 6pm, I decided I was gonna go lay down in bed and watch TV for a while. Star Wars - Return of the Jedi was on! Sweet! So I watched that for about 10 minutes before I realized, dang.... I gotta go to sleep.

So... 6:15 I turned out the lights. Woke up 7:30 this morning when my daughter comes over before school.

13 hours!

Needless to say, although I'm still a tad groggy, like those astronauts in old sci-fi movies coming out of some year-long suspended animation, I DO feel better. My head is clear, at least. You know how when you get really tired you can't think straight? That was me yesterday.

Man, do I eevr feel bteter tihs mronnig.

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