Tuesday, June 14, 2005

7.0 Earthquake Near Humboldt! I Was Just There!

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center bulletin.
Real Time Earthquake Map - US Geological Survey
LA Times

Apparently the earthquake was centered well off shore, a bit north of Eureka, more west of Crescent City. My dad talked to my brother Jack, who said the earthquake rolled him off his couch he was laying on, but nothing more. Jack did have to report for work though, since he works for the CHP dispatch center up there, just in case. No major damage reported around town, no deaths, no tsunami (although a warning was issued and quickly rescinded). Several neighborhoods in low-lying areas of Crescent City were evacuated for a time, but those folks are all back in their homes tonight.

I find it humorous that, as of 11:25pm PDST, not a single local Eureka media outlet has their website updated with any local information. Nothing. Nada.

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