Tuesday, February 21, 2006


For all you folks suffering with frozen roads and snowed-over highway, I offer you this:

What? It doesn't look so difficult. ;-)


Ed Abbey said...

Awesome video! Whenever I get a little bit of open road with no traffic, I love "cutting cookies" with the car and fishtailing around corners.

One time while my parents were on vacation, I drove home from school on particularly treachorous roads. I swung into the farm driveway and at the very end where there is a large open space for fueling up large farm tractors, I decided to see how many times I could get the car to spin around. After about the third or fourth revolution as the car was slowing down, I saw my father standing off to one side watching me. Turns out they had come home early from vacation to beat the weather. I thought I was grounded for life but he merely said, "don't let your mother see you doing something like that." Reason number 1453 why I love my father.

Mike J. said...

Ha! Gotta love dads.

I am horrified at the idea of driving on snow and ice. I avoid the Sierra's on anything but the sunniest days, and stay on the best plowed roads.

When I was 16, my girlfriend and I got stuck on a sheet of ice on a hilly road and waited hours for someone to pass by and help push us up hill to get home. Since then..... naw. I'll wait for spring.

Ed Abbey said...

I'm going through the same feelings with my wife who originally from a tropical island, has no idea how to drive on ice and snow. It takes practice but people can do it. What really worries me are the people who can't drive on it but do so anyway. They are the ones driving like in this video except on a road filled with other cars!

no_average_girl said...

thanks for dropping by and leaving a few encouraging words! i'm so thankful my blogging buddies are behind me, even though they haven't the slightest idea of what my struggles are! how thankful i am for my dear friends!