Monday, February 27, 2006

Working it Out

I made a tough decision today, and started on the road to implementing it.

I actually went down to the little gym in my apartment complex and ..... gulp.... worked out.

Not a huge workout, mind you. A little delts, some legs, a few sitting bench presses, some curls, and some sitting pull-ups with that bar where you pull it down to you.

Not a bad start for someone who hasn't hit the gym in, literally, several years.

Or longer.

My arms feel like noodles, is this normal?

Anyway, at 41, I've known for a while that I MUST do something to improve my overall health, or I will pay dearly for it later. I've always been a physically strong person - just one of those blessing I've had in my life, but I can feel age creeping up on me, little by little. Even if I live a long life (doctor said I'm healthy as a horse, just way over-weight), if I don't do something to improve my condition, I may well live a long but miserable life of pain and immobility.

I don't want that.

Crap-o-crap-it-all!! I really have a hard time with "diets" (I revolt at the very idea of living life without enjoying the foods I eat). I don't eat nutritionally bad foods, really, I just eat a lot of what I like. But since the ol' weight/health thing is a scale where one balances food intake with activity, I guess, since I'm not really willing to curtail the intake side of the scale, I'd better up the activity side to balance things out.

Seems like common sense, but if you've never dealt with a weight issue, it's real hard to understand just how hard that is.

So, here's to giving it a fresh go, and working it out best I can.


Ed Abbey said...

Been there and done that.

Your muscles will feel like noodles for perhaps a week. It does that everytime for me. But once you get past that first week, you really feel strong and get almost a natural high after a good workout. When I lived in Minnesota, the place where I worked had a gym and I hit it perhaps five days a week after work. Now I have no gym except for one of those Bowflex things and with the remodeling and pregnancy, it mostly gathers dust.

I'm with you. I love food and hate diets. I've tried a bunch of them over the years and some of them do work, but unless you "balance the equation" as you say, nothing will stay permanent. It is either eating less or being more active. I try to do a little of both.

It is tough always having to work at staying in the recommended weight area. I'm wishing you the best in your endeavor Mike.

Nettie said...

Read Morgan Spurlock (the SuperSize Me guy). That's enough to kill anyone's appetite.