Monday, September 27, 2010

Testing a New Droid App

I love my Android phone. I know IPhone users love their phones too, but Android is the future, trust me. IPhoners, get onboard or you'll be left behind.


I have one of the new Samsung GalaxyS™ phones. Although there are lots of good phones, I'm very happy with this phone. It has capabilities I haven't even touched yet.

Blogging on the go, for one.

Facebook is fun, and its easy to post quick tidbits of thoughts in your status, but to actually write and explore your thoughts a little bit requires a slightly longer forum.

Blogging on the go, for instance.

I sometimes wonder, how did I ever occupy myself before this technology came along?

I have books gathering dust, but I can download fresh copies on my phone's Kindle app. I can read my Bible on my bible app (which is actually very cool - access to several different transactions and word searches at my fingertips). Facebook and my photos are all available at a touch.

I am more connected and share my life with more people than ever before, without seeing, touching, or actually talking to a living soul!


That sounded more appealing in my head than it did when I re-read it on the page.

My dad and I go 'round and 'round about the wisdom of being plugged in to all this modern technology. He thinks the tech has changed people and taken away our desire to connect in the real world, and somehow people are damaged by it. I think people are basically still the same but misuse the technology, mistaking the exchange of photons on a display screen for the actual intimacy of looking someone in the eyes when you talk to them.

I guess balance is the answer, as in most things. Use the tech, but don't let it rule over you.

(Adrienne Bankert on KCRA is talking about a DroidX giveaway the station is doing as I write this post! Funny!)

Well, one thing you still can't do, even with a cool advanced phone like mine, is enjoy the conversation and share the warmth of having a meal with a good friend.

Speaking of, my daughter just texted me to remind me we are meeting for breakfast this morning.

I don't think we'll need to text across the table.

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Emily said...

I really do love my Android and I have no complaints since I started using it almost a year ago. Your phone is a whole new level of slick, though. I feel the twinges of phone envy! See you at breakfast, Dad :)

Nic said...

Oh, my friend, I feel very much the same. I LOVE my technology and wonder how in the world I ever got along without the same time I have noticed that the more technology pervades our lives, the less connected we are to those who matter most to us. It's easier to send an email or e-card instead of personally writing, addressing an envelope, stamping and mailing something. The art of intimate, personal communication is a dying one...all thanks to the technology that makes our lives "easier".

Ant said...

You know me, I love technology. My fiance and I had a discussion the other night - "What should be in TomorrowLand at Disneyland?" It seems like most of today's technology is software/hardware related - We have new 'programs' and 'apps' coming out each day to improve our lives and integrate our daily activity with our devices and others.

More and more often I go to my cell phone for info, email, messaging and even for checking websites.

More and more programs are being developed for smartphones and tablets - move over desktop, move over laptop, you're the new over-sized computing device.

AirPainter app
Virtual Art - Very similar to Google SkyMap but is user created

Google Latitude
Share your location with your family, friends and/or co-workers.
Share your location, shopping, and more by 'checking in' online
Review and check-in at businesses

Qr codes and readers
The new business card