Monday, May 16, 2011

Just Another Weekend.....

This weekend Alene and I actually had some time to ourselves.  About three hours, to be exact.  I had to work Saturday, which is my normal work day.  Alene spent her Saturday at Serendipity Saturday with the women at church, and doing some chores of her own, but after we both got home around 4:30pm, we looked at each other and said, "What do you want to do tonight?"

Sitting comfortably on the couch, feet up, shoes off, I said, "I'm pretty much doing it, baby." 

So I barbecued some chicken, Alene cooked some artichokes, baked beans, bread, and made some salad. We  had a wonderful, quiet dinner.  

Yes, we were in bed, sleeping by about 8:30. 

Sunday was a lovely day.  Our church held a nice, unique, "all church" Lord's Supper celebration, with all services combined into one for a short duration.  The point was to celebrate as a unified body - not unified necessarily in age or style of worship, but certainly in purpose.  It was good to be reminded that we are a diverse body, but we are one body in Christ. 

My parents, who try to come to our church when we celebrate the Lord's Supper, made it in time to celebrate with us, only to turn around and drive home through the pouring hail.  Mom said it looked like snow collecting of her windshield.  That seemed to be a common theme across the region as the thunderstorms rolled through. 

This is mid-May, right?

After church I met up with my friends John and Bryan to play some pool at the Corner Pocket.  I should probaby say "tried to play pool" because I'm just awful at it, but anywho.... Bryan turns 40 today, and John was tasked with getting Bryan out of the house while his wife set up a surprise party for him at home.  We had a good time, joking around and making fun of the dreadful music people order up on the jukebox.  We agreed a country bar might be more our speed.  Bryan was suitably surprised when we got him home, and the day seemed to be a success.  

After that Alene and I headed back to church to attend the end-of-the-year AWANA ceremony.  My "niece" Shawna, who is my best-friend's daughter, is a Cubbie, and I've been to each of her year-end ceremonies, so I couldn't miss this one.  She is such a sweet child.  I've known her since she was literally 3-days old.

After getting home, Alene and I curled up in bed to watch our favorite show "Army Wives".  Joke as you will  about my manhood and whatnot - its a darned good show.  And I'll say this: any time a husband can snuggle with his wife, enjoy a good program with her that we both like,  and be emotional together over such a simple story - yes we sometimes cry like babies, then laugh at our crying - that's a very good thing for the relationship. 

And its fun. I think laughter through tears is probably one of the most powerful and moving experiences one can have.  Sharing it, even over such a simple thing, is a big blessing to us both.  

So we stayed up late last night, getting to be a little after 9pm.  The late night partying has to stop, or Alene and I are going to wear out! 

Today, as I type, I'm preparing for my day at jury duty.  I suspect that I will be removed due to circumstances that I will be able to talk about later, but as all my friends tell me, ya just never know.  I will be happy to serve if selected, because I am honestly fascinated by the justice system, but I'm also hoping to be booted because Emily is due to give birth so soon, and I'd had to be tied up in a court-room!

What to do, what to do.  

Well - oh my, I'm watching TV and seeing video about the flooding in Louisiana now.  Pray for these people, if you think of them.  Opening those flood gates creates a man-made flood, destroying some homes in small towns in favor of saving more homes in larger towns.  What a horrible choice to have to make, and an even harder choice to accept if your home is in the flood zone.  

God Bless you all today.  Remember, our highest calling is to love one another, deeply, from the heart. 

Let's go do that.  

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