Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Thinking Better

"I've learned that I am 100% responsible for my actions. I'm 100% responsible for how I feel. And I need to do what's 100% right for my daughters."

I had posted a blog entry here that was quite visceral and angry at my kid's Mom. I now think it is the better part of wisdom not to post such dirty laundry in as public a setting as this. Not so much because I think I was wrong in doing it, or in what I said, but because I truly do want to try to live in peace with Their Mom. Posting our private disputes in public, where even our girls can see them if they find them, is not the wisest choice I can make. My youngest daughter CLJ made a comment to me about how she felt sad when mom or dad talk about each other. I apologized, and told her she's right, and I won't bring up issues I have with Their Mom again, unless the girls specifically ask me something.

So, I've decided my blog won't be my forum to gripe about my x-wife. Yes, there will be times when I will post legitimate information about stuff that goes on, and things that affect my life. But not to gripe.

I said on the previous post that "Now my prayer is that I have the wisdom to do what is right, and not let my own feelings cloud the issues."

I think deleting that post was the wise thing to do.

THIS post is a good example of why I try to take time to think about things when someone asks me an important question. I often go with my first inclination, which is not always correct, and then have to change my position later after calm reflection.

So, I'll finish with what I finished the deleted post with: "I've learned I DO have pretty good judgement. I'm satisfied that I'm on the right course. I have to thank God for that, too. Without the spiritual guidance, I'd be lost."

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