Sunday, March 07, 2004

Restless and Wandering

Called in sick to work today. My nose turned into a full blown snot-factory last night. Thank goodness for nose-spray and cold medicine. I took the time at home to clean the apartment. LMJ and CLJ are at their mom's for the weekend, for some needed mom time. I hope things go well. I expect LMJ back here shortly.

After about 4pm, I took a quick, and I mean quick!, drive up through Auburn, down Hwy49, to Placerville, and back home to Citrus Heights. The weather today was just stunning! Blue skies as far as the eye could see. I just could NOT let this day pass without getting outside for a few hours. I stopped a couple of places along the river, and took some photos. Found a little waterfall I'd never seen before, along Hwy49, just north of the Forresthill Rd cutoff. I nearly missed it. I pulled off into a turnout, just too see if there was a view of the American River canyon I might get some pics of, and as I was pulling out, I saw it across the road in my rear-view mirror, of all things!

As I was driving past Coloma toward Placerville, the sun was getting on toward setting, and the hillsides were just gorgeous. So bright and green! I could smell wood-burning fireplaces all along the way. I kept thinking, I have GOT to get a place up here. I could set a little shack on someone's back 40 and they'd never know I was there! I think that's where I'll retire. Someplace along Hwy49, near Cool or Pilot Hill. Just so gorgeous there.

I listen to internet radio a lot. I use Winamp to handle the feed. There's a station called The Joy FM (I get it through Live365), out of Sarasota, Florida (I think... I know it's Florida, anyway), that usually plays Christian top-40 style stuff. I came in tonight, after my drive, pulled up the station, and what's it playing? Christian Smooth Jazz! I was in Heaven!! This is the coolest stuff I've heard in ages. Nothing like some cool jazz licks to relax the shoulders, ya know?

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