Thursday, May 06, 2004

Blown Away

Happy Birthday to me!

Today started out pretty typical, but ended with a huge bang! LMJ stopped by on her way to school, as is becoming her custom, for a cup of coffee and some toast. We talked a little. I went back to bed when she left. EFJ called me to wish me happy birthday, which was so sweet, as did my friend Lisa. Then I got up, piddled here on the computer a little, got a haircut, went to Target, bought a new CD (Casting Crowns - incredible, I highly reccommend it), bought some frozen fruit, the headed home to see my kids when they got out of school.

After I took the kids to their mom's, I got ready for dinner, because Lisa was gonna take me out for dinner on my birthday. When I got to her house, she had a couple of gifts on the table for me, which was so sweet. They were shorts, a really cool Hawaiin shirt, and some sandals. She asked me if I'd please try 'em to see if they fit. The did, they looked good, so I wore them and we went off to dinner. As we were leaving, some of her family members were coming over to watch the newborn baby while we were gone. They all said happy birthday, I said thank you, and we left for dinner.

We had a really nice dinner at Chevy's, and talked for quite a while. Then we headed back to Lisa's house. I came in the house, and was talking to Lisa, not really paying attention to things around me, when I heard someone yelling something. Now, this is not abnormal for her place. Someone is always laughing or yelling something or talking or whatever. So, I pushed this thing that was hanging from the doorway out of my face as I talked to Lisa, and I notice she was just kinda staring at me.

"Don't you notice anything?" she asked me.

I looked around, and her daughters yelled "surprise!" again. Then I noticed the streamers and decorations all over the house. That thing that was in my face was a party decoration hanging from the ceiling! They were throwing me a surprise birthday party!!

Oh my goodness, as I looked around, there were streamers all around the living room and dining room. There was a big card on the wall they'd all signed (by "they" I mean, Lisa, her kids, her sister's family, her mom.... there was about 10 people there in all). The table was all decorated with a black table cloth and orange place settings, and all kinds of remarks about being old! They sat me down, Jenni (Lisa's oldest daughter) brought out the cake with 40 actual candles, and you know what? It put off some HEAT! It was HOT! I blew the candles out in one mighty breath. After cake and ice cream I had to sit down in the living room and open MORE presents.

I was completely and utterly blown away. Lisa is one of the most compassionate people I've ever met. She matches that with an insane enthusiasm for "doing" for other people. For her, and her extended family, to get together and throw me a surprise birthday party, well.... I that was one of the most generous things anyone has ever done for me. Makes me very glad to have met her and her troupe. They are good people, and I count myself blessed for being their friend.

What a great 40th birthday.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, and another birthday get-together with my kids and their mom. She and D have been gracious enough to have me over for some birthday goodness, and I appreciate it very much.

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