Sunday, May 09, 2004

Whirlwind weekend

Had a great time Friday night at my kid's mom's house. They had me over for birthday dinner, and D bar-b-qued chicken, and C made lots of food. The kids bought me a new Canon i560s printer for printing my digital photos. It rocks! CLJ and EFJ both gave me framed letter commemorating my 40th birthday. Both touching to the depths of my heart. We all hung out and played cards. It was a nice birthday, and very gracious of the kid's mom and her boyfriend to host it. I thank them for that very much.

While at the party I took some photos of the girls, and with my new printer, we printed out some photos. EFJ and I bought some frames, and we framed several pictures up for Mother's Day. From what I hear, their mom liked them very much.

Lisa took CLJ to church with her crew today, and kept CLJ with them all day. CLJ really likes their family, and gets along great with Lisa's kids. This evening Lisa took everyone (by "everyone" I mean, CLJ and I, Lisa's sister's family, her own family, and her mom... 9 of us) to Hometown Buffett for dinner to celebrate Mother's Day. She never does anything on a small scale, but what she does on a grand scale usually works out real well. It was a wonderful evening.

A busy weekend, but as wonderful a weekend as I can remember having in a long, long time. I hate to be beating this kettle drum so much lately, but it's good to have friends and family.

I think it was last Thursday I decided to commit myself to reading my Bible on a daily basis, and praying each and every day. God is good, and it's clear He provided a great experience for me all throughout this weekend. The encouragement is great.

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