Thursday, May 13, 2004

Mom turns 75

Ok, Milestone #3 this year: my mother turned 75 today, and a spry 75 she is at that. All my brothers and sisters, along with several of my neices and nephews, and all our families, got together at Back 40 Texas Bar-b-que in Roseville for Dinner. Dave and his family drove in from Utah for the weekend so they could be here. It was really nice getting everyone together in once place. Here's a few photos of the night.

Me and LMJ
My Mom, the birthday girl
My oldest brother Glenn (on the right) with family friends Gust and Mary Thomatos
Alexis, CLJ, and LMJ
My brother Jack (far right), sister Roberta (2nd from right), her husband Paul and their daughter Rachel

Lots of food and good talk. I have a great family, and I love them bunches.

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