Friday, May 14, 2004


Sometimes I run my budget a little bit tight. Not always by my own choice, but often because of mistakes I make with my spending. But I've have yet to be left completely out to dry. Somehow, when I need a few dollars, a few dollars always seems to find me. Its happened this way my whole life, even back when I was married (well, I'm still married, but you know what I mean). I can't help but believe God is watching out for me. I'll give you a for-instance.

Just yesterday, when I took my daughters to my mom's 75th birthday, I was thinking, OK I have anough money for this dinner, and I THINK I'll have enough for gas next week, and I should be able to just coast through to payday. Ok, turns out I forgot a few things, and there was really no way I'd make it. And what do I get last night at the dinner party? A birthday card from my brother with $40 in it. What a treat, what a kind gift, and what a timely surprise.

Things like that have happened for me my whole life. I remember about 7 years ago, we went camping for a few days. We spent every penny we had on the trip, and it was July 4th the next day. We got back in town with zero money in pocket or in the bank. What was in the mail when we got home? A check from the IRS for about $120 for an error they made. A check from the IRS in July! Go figure.

So, I can't help but think God's got some bigger purpose for me that He's trying to teach my by making me trust him. I always wanted to be a preacher when I was a youngster. Maybe, some day, my path will lead back that way.

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