Thursday, May 20, 2004

Some People Are So Touchy!

Had to scramble a bit today. CLJ had a drama class production at school tonight at 7pm. I knew it was coming, but I hadn't known which night it was going to be. Well, it happened to be the same night I had EFJ's guide dog Ronald scheduled for his quarterly evaluation with the head-honcho from headquarters. Emily had to work, so I planned on taking Ronald. Well, I send an e-mail last night to Susan, the guide dog coordinator for our troupe, and asked if she can squeeze me in sooner tonight, and she was kind enough to accomodate me. So, I'm scheduled with Ronald for 5pm, which will give me plenty of time to get to CLJ's production at 7pm. All good.

Until I get a call from CLJ at about 1:30pm, after she got home from school. Turns out the production was cancelled. I asked why, and she said several teachers were offended at the content, and the night's performance was pulled. See, the play was written by the drama teacher, and was a satire about what the teachers themselves (all of them) would be like if they were junior high school students today. I read the script, and it was actually quite funny. But, it turns out after two performances at school today for the student body, the plug was pulled on the production. CLJ was, needless to say, quiet upset about the whole thing. I am too, actually. Some teachers just take themselves too seriously. Sheesh. I'm curious to see what the letter of explanation that is promised in the coming days will say.

Went to dinner tonight with Lisa and her crew. Had good mexican food over at Garibaldi's again, on Howe and Alta-Arden. Good food, low prices. Great company. Can't beat it.

Oh, and, yeah... I know Mexican isn't exactly on the Atkins plan. So what? Shut up. Just.... shush.... ;-)

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