Friday, August 27, 2004

Clean Your Glasses, Folks

So, my daughter Camie and I were at Wal-Mart yesterday, getting some school supplies, when we decide to stop at McDonald's inside the Wal-Mart for some iced-tea. While we're in line, Camie says she wants a Hot-Wheel car. I didn't realize she was talking about the Hot-Wheels that come with the Happy Meal, so I'm telling her, "why do you want a Hot-Wheel?"

She says, "cuz they're cool."

I say, "Whatever, you don't need a Hot-Wheel. How much do they cost, anyway?"

She says, "I don't know! pleeeeeease can I have a Hot-Wheel."

I tell her, "we'll see." I was thinking we'll check the toy section later, and see what Hot-Wheels are all about.

So, there's this lady in line at McD's, in front of us, and she orders a Happy Meal, and turns to me and says, "she can have the Hot-Wheel from my Happy Meal."

At this point I realize McD's has Hot-Wheels, and that is what Camie was begging me about. Well, I blush and say thank you, how kind of you, you really didn't need to, etc. This lady is just as sweet as a glass of punch. We got to talking, and she told me about how her kids are off in college now, about how she can't wait to buy things for grandkids some day, and that she doesn't often buy toys anymore, so Camie can have her Hot-Wheel. Camie and I both tell her thank you very much, etc, etc. We talked a moment longer, and I told her about my kids; that Emily is 18 now and graduated from High School, I had another one in High School, and how my youngest daughter, Camie right here, was just starting 8th grade.

It's at THIS point that things became awkward. When I mentioned that Camie was in 8th grade, the lady looked at me for a moment, then to Camie, then back to me, and very sheepishly (with a crimson glow rising in her cheeks) says....

"......Oh, she's your daughter?"

I blinked.

The lady says, "the way you were talking, I though you were married. My husband and I go on about stuff like this all the time when we're shopping!"

At this point Camie blushes quite nicely with a look of utter horror on her face. If you can imagine pride and repugnance being cast from the same expression, you'd have a good idea of the face she made. It was hilarious. Pride at the lady thinking she was even old enough to be married, and utter, complete revulsion at the fact this lady thought she was married to ME!

In the end we all had a good laugh. It was just awkward for a moment, and the kind lady apologized and went her way. Camie and I chuckled about it quite a bit as we walked toward the shoe section.

But I ask you... although Camie is growing into quite a cute young lady, does this young lady

look anywhere near old enough to be married to this old fart?

I rest my case.

In the lady's defense, she did have rather thick glasses. They may have been coated with some sort of grime. And she had lots of tattoos, and we all know how THOSE people are. (J.K!!!) ;-)

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