Tuesday, January 24, 2006

IE Users Get Their Fix .... Sorta

Ok, folks, I finally got my page to display properly in Explorer, but only if you view at the most commone 1024X768 resolution.

Mind you, I really don't like Explorer. I much prefer Firefox. It's a far superior product, and much simpler to use, IMHO, but I have to acknowledge the fact that 80% of you people ;-) are still using MS's Explorer, for better or worse.

Anyway, through the very helpful tutorials at CSS Tutorial I was able to pin down that meddlesome right sidebar so it shows up the way I intended it (if you have the right resolution. Otherwise, oh well)!

Since I use Firefox, my webpage has always displayed properly for me. It was only recently when I pulled up my webpage from the computers at work that I noticed any problem at all. I tried all the Blogger suggestions, but it took some good old fashioned research to find the answer.

Thanks, Ed, for the reminder that most of you were seeing a funky page with my profile at the bottom. Now you all get to see my smiling mug right where it belongs, front and center at the top of the page!

I'm also going to dump Haloscan for my comments. I like the Blogger interface, and the fact that I can get emails letting me know that new comments have been posted.

So, my page being somewhat repaired now, I think I need to take a day trip tomorrow. I was thinking real hard about going into work for some overtime, but I just can't bring myself to go when tomorrow promises to be such a gorgeous day out here on the left coast!

Let me know if this shows up better or worse for you. If the problem persists, I shall have to continue my research!


Clarence said...

I'm using both IE and Firefox. It looks fine in both for me. I'm using the recommended resolution setting only because my new flat screen monitor requires it. It's very nice to be able to see all that I was missing and it had nothing to do with the browser. I don't think!

I prefer IE if only for the fact that I can use my IE Spell checker on things like this comment before I post it. I can't do that with Firefox...can you?

Ed Abbey said...

I have tried out firefox and liked it but since like you said, the majority of the world revolves around IE and I have just stayed with it.

I really like the email notification of the blogger comments. But sometimes I wish I didn't have it so I wouldn't be tempted to answer questions during work times. I try to restrict myself to breaks but am not always successful.

Go out and have fun. I'm sure I'll read about it later.

Bstermyster said...

I hate to say this, but I have no idea what firefox is, lol. I mean I know it must be a browser, but I have NEVER heard of it. Anyway, it shows up fine for me now too. Which is nice.

Mike J. said...

Firefox is a competing browser. You can find it at


It's a quick download, and I think you'll be pleased if you try it. ;-)

(The actors in this testimonial were not compensated for their endorsement)


Curtis said...

Man I just plain hate IE. Firefox has so many extensions...tabbed browsing, mouse gestures, easy interface. After using firefox IE seems clunky like driving a beat down Datsun 210 after zipping around in a BMW 7 series.