Wednesday, January 25, 2006

No Media Bias in Alito Coverage?

I found this short but thoughtful article by David Boaz at the CATO Institute regarding the differences in the way the media has handled Judge Alito's nomination, vs. how the media handled Ruth Bader Ginsburg's nomination by President Clinton.

Yeah, yeah, CATO is a conservative think-tank, but read the article, and see if you can argue with the facts.


Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

The MSM has been so bias towards Alito that it is sickening. Judge Alito is overly qualified for this position and I believe he will rule according to law. To me it is disgusting how the leftists have behaved in this process. It only shows the American people their true colors.

I have watched the whole process from start to finish. So I can say I saw it with my own two eyes.
Thanks for the links! (smiling)

Mike J. said...

Anytime, Suzie.

I'm not so much disgusted as amazed. The leftist have their agenda, and they are welcome to pursue it. They have their opinions, I have mine.

The thing I find interesting is the blatancy with which the major media shows their true bias, and then tries to adopt a "Who, us?" innocence.

Fascinating to watch.

Ed Abbey said...

As you know from past discussions, I don't feel that the media is as biased as Suzie thinks but rather that the people are more biased and thus see what they want (or don't want) to hear. I can watch the same reports and read the same articles but don't feel the same bias as others report.

I believe that this is also the reason why there wasn't more talk of court shifts when Ginsberg was appointed. People weren't so polarized as they were now and thus it wasn't seen as that big of an issue. I would guarantee that should a future democratic president appoint a liberal to replace a conservative on the supreme court, there would be just as much talk of shifting as there is now.

Also, we all know that the media has relaxed their standards as what is acceptable to use in print and on television considerably over the last couple decades. What we were exposed to as children is not what our children are exposed to or even close. So why is it so hard to think that it wouldn't also affect the headlines that you posted? The media in the U.S. far less biased than any other country I have visited but it is growing more sensationalistic every day.

For the record, I think Alito is qualified to serve and should serve on the Supreme court. He may end up being a little too much like Bush for my liking but I think he would be better than another Ginsburg on the court.

Gordon Cloud said...

The liberals have a pattern of two steps forward and one step backward. They adopt an extreme position, knowing that they can probably compromise the right to something that is closer to their opinion. They are using a lot of smokescreens, but the fact is, they are scared silly that they are going to lose one of the major planks (abortion rights) in their platform.