Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Teachers won't put up posters on gay rights 5 instructors balk at directive, apparently over religious beliefs.

Good for them.

This issue of what school districts can and can't do to indoctrinate our kids, and what freedom a teacher has in their own classroom, has got to be addressed, and I hope this type of case makes it's way to the higher courts.

The school district, in what they say is an effort to comply with California laws to decrease violence in the schools and promote tolerance, have designed some rainbow flag-based posters, stating it's ok to be yourself. These posters are to be displayed in each classroom, as part of an effort to make children feel safer and accepted, regardless of sexual orientation.

The clear message being sent is, homosexual students need to be protected, and if students feels anything other than acceptance with regards to homosexuality, then they are wrong, and need to be properly educated. The school district doesn't state that, but that is the message being sent.

The problem is, homosexuality is not the issue. Student behavior is. But gay activists are going to ride this issue until it's dead, because it promotes their agenda.

Every student has the right to be protected, period, regardless of their personal issue. No one segment should be singled out. No special status or protections should be afforded to any group. Period. If the school district is going to mandate rainbow flag (let's all be honest, they are pro-gay) posters to raise anti-gay awareness and decrease violence against that particular group, then they need to mandate

pro-African-American posters,
pro-illegal-immigrant posters,
pro-female posters,
pro-male posters,
pro-drama-club posters,

How about a pro-skinny-little-boy-with-bad-teeth-and-pimples-and-a-stutter posters? Those poor kids have been the target of violence and ridicule since time began.

Heck, school districts don't even mandate the American Flag be displayed in the classroom, but they want to mandate a poster?

Schools have no place either advocating to detracting with regards to any lifestyle or sexual orientation. Children in school need to be taught to be polite and considerate to all students, and to respect the rights of the individual, every individual, regardless of their issue.... whatever it is. Period. All students need to be "protected" equally. All instances of rudeness, snide comments, bullying, violence.... again, whatever.... need to be dealt with firmly and fairly.

Laughing at a young girl because she's ugly or fat and no one likes her because she's got buck teeth and a big nose, is just as damaging as telling a student they're a fag.

Probably more so, because now homosexuality can be worn as a badge of courage, of uniqueness, and special status. The poor fat girl is just out of luck.

This issues comes down to what the school's are trying to indoctrinate into our kid's heads, and how teachers have the freedom to display their personal ideology only if it agrees with the prevailing philosophy of the school district. I have an example.

My daughter's former high-school history teacher had a Bob Marley shrine in his classroom. He had, literally, a 6'x3' mural, and about 6 assorted posters of Bob Marley smokin' his dope, up on the classroom walls. The teacher was a nice man, a product of the liberal university system. He was blatantly anti-Bush and anti-conservative. He taught at the high school for several years before a long-term illness claimed his life. But the school administration saw no problem with dope-smoking Bob Marley smiling down on high-school history students, encouraging them to toke up, smoke up, and check out every so often, because the teacher was in-line with the prevailing educational philosophy (and, let's face it, the vast majority of current teachers probably smoked their fair share of dope during college, and, deep down where we don't talk about such things, say to themsleves, "it didn't hurt me any", so Bob Marley is just fine with them. I smoked my fair share of dope in my day, and I say that to myself from time to time as well, and so do many of you, so you know what I'm talking about. But dope smoking is against the law still, and I'm not an advocate in favor it. Teachers shouldn't be either).

But at the same school, a teacher was told to take down a simple "God loves you" poster displayed near her classroom door, because it was intolerant and religious.

So, the school says, dope-smoking good: religion bad.

Come folks, have no illusions. The US education system has been hijacked by philosophical liberals who want desperately to indoctrinate, guide, cajole, and brainwash our children into believing their philosophy of no ethical or moral absolutes, no consequences for personal choices, and that everyone is the same (not just equal under the law, but "not different", which is a load of crap). It's a skewed, wrong world-view that has been shown time and time again to be wrong, but they just won't give up. Especially here in California.


Doug E. said...

Maybe we should put up.

Safe adulterers poster
Safe theivery posters
Safe liars posters

All of these are moral issues so is homosexuality. I personally am guilty of many of these moral standards but that does not mean that we should have places in school where I am encouraged to engage in those activities.

Great points,


Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Oh My Lord, Mike....I had no idea about all this. Thank you for informing me. I am sitting here in shock. I knew it was bad but this is so far over the top that if it was not you reporting it...I am not sure if I would have believed it.

Not only are the colleges promoting their personal ideology and liberal views but to children this young? Is this in high school and/or lower grades?

I am surprised that others have not commented on this post...this is outragous. It makes you wonder if they agree with this type of degrading our children and brainwashing them.

P.s. I wish in your BLOG (SETTINGS-under Formatting-SHOW) you would set (10 or 15 days to display). Then SAVE SETTING at the bottom and republish! So I can possibly catch up on missed posts...and others too...if I can get a post written with a link to over here.

EXCELLENT POST and THANK YOU for letting me know what is happening out there. Your blog looks great btw!!