Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Coffee and Wellness

Met my brother, Jack, for coffee this morning, over at Starbucks on Elverta & Walerga. I got over there about 8:50am. Talk about a b-e-a-utiful morning. Cool temps, light breeze, warm sun, good coffee, pretty girls (my kids are gonna roll their eyes at the "girls" comment, but hey... it's true... ). I hadn't talked to Jack for a couple of months, so we spent a few hours catching up on life; filling each other in on what's new, which for both of us just happens to be quite a bit. Our relationship is kinda funny. We live about 15 minutes apart, do similar jobs, and often don't talk for several weeks at a time, but when we get together, it's like the last time we talked was just a few days ago. He's real easy for me to chat with, which is amazing considering we fought like dogs when we were small. We're gonna meet next Monday and go golfing, which is gonna be funny because I've only golfed once in my life, and that was over 20 years ago, and I was awful.

EFJ called me, asked if I could take her to Kaiser to pick up some medicine because she has strep throat. No prob, so I went and picked her up after coffee with my brother, and we headed off to Kaiser. The pharmacy took forever, so we wound up sitting and talking for about 30-40 minutes. Good, productive conversation. We left there, without the meds yet because there was STILL a wait, got some McD's, went to her school to pick up her homework, back to my place for a few minutes, and back to Kaiser. They finally had it ready. Oh, did I mention not only did EFJ have strep throat (so wasn't feeling the greatest) but also has some fractured bones in her foot from a fall she took in the house the other day? So, she's sick and hobbling on crutches. But she never complained. What a trooper.

Took the other two, CLJ and LMJ to church, then back home. All in all, a nice, normal Wednesday. I'm looking forward to CLJ coming back over on Friday, and maybe EFJ too. She says she likes it at my place. Granted, there's not many chores over here, and I'm sure that plays into it, but I think she genuinely likes the change from her mom's house. All I know is I like having them here.

Oh, I tried to eat better today. A little less than I'd normally eat. I'll try to keep that up for the week.

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