Sunday, March 21, 2004

I Wish Every Day Could Be Sunday.....

....because Sunday = Friday in my bizarre work week. On Sundays I feel like Fred Flintsone waiting for the bird whistle to sound, telling everyone the workday is over. I can't wait to jump outta my seat and slide off the tail of my dinosaur, land in my car, and start pedalin' for home.

I actually like work on Sundays. Every other Sunday morning my co-worker NS and I work together in dispatch. Business is usually slow, so there's usually not a lot ELSE to do for a few hours except read the paper, drink coffee, and chit-chat. I talk about my kids, family, news, whatever, and she talks about her kids, family, news, whatever. What other job can I get paid pretty well for drinking coffee, reading the Sunday paper, and catching up with a friend for a coupla hours?

Although, today was one of those days when another friend and co-worker of mine earned her salary. AW was working dispatch when a deputy got shot in the arm. Naturally, all heck broke lose, and the radio became a frenzy for a while. She called me later, and we talked about it. It was the first officer-involved shooting she'd ever worked, and naturally, it rattles the nerves. I have a feeling she did just fine, though.

Somedays I need to just think and remember how fortunate I am, in many ways. Sure, I could use a lot more money, and I think the state lottery owes me. But, I'm not poor, not starving (goodness knows, and more on in a moment), my lights are on and my cable bill is paid (evidenced by the fact I can still get online), and although it's late every month, my car payment gets paid. So, overall, I can't complain about too much.

Something that's been on my mind lately, though, is me. Folks who know me, know I'm a big man. By big I mean hefty, tubby, big-boned, or, on days when I'm really honest with myself, quite fat. The reason I bring this up today, is because I've been thinking about my birthday. In May I turn 40. That's right, America, the Big-Four-Oh, and although there is no magic gene that suddenly activates on the day of my 40th birthday, 40 seems to be a milestone. A life-marker. For one, I'm entering heart-attack country for men. And what is one of the prime factors in assessing heart attack risk in men?


Now, I went to the doc last year for a physical, and he said I'm healthy as a horse, but that I should really lose some weight. Right now my relative youth still lands me in the OK range, because my health HAS been fairly good, but as I get older, if I don't do something, I could be in serious trouble. I really want to see my kids grow up, and have grandchildren.

I've never really done a strict diet, or really "tried" to lose weight before. Oh, I've dieted for a couple of weeks, and yeah, some weight comes off, but I always lose interest, and the weight always comes back. Heck, I lost about 60lbs 4 years ago when Their Mom and I first split up, just because I started walking every day. I was up to six miles a day when I stopped, and I'd lost 60lbs in 4 months. But when I stopped the weight came back.

So, here's my plan. Kaiser has scales at every office in town. I'm going to pick one close to me, and stop in there every week on the same day, and weight myself. I'm thinking Mondays, because it's the first of my days off. I'll post my weight here each week, and keep track of my progress. Hopefully, being able to see it in print, I'll be a little more motivated to keep up on whatever I come up with to try and lose weight.

I'm not in denial about my weight, I've just been in denial about the effect is has on my life. Maybe this self-evaluation will help.

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