Monday, March 22, 2004

Musically speaking

Typical Monday. Slept in pretty late, ran a few errands. Had lunch at Coco's Restaurant. I HIGHLY recommend their asian chicken salad. It has the most unique and best dressing I've tasted on any asian salad I've ever had. I bought a bottle to take home, and I put it on just about everything I ate tonight. Yummy stuff.

Watched Stargate with LMJ. 5 Episodes we'd never seen. That's pretty exiciting stuff, actually. Stargate Monday's have become sort of a fixture around here. I'll miss 'em when LMJ goes back to her mom's in the next coupla weeks. Maybe I'll make Monday our dad/daughter night.

I caught a little bit of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame program on VH-1 tonight. I was channel-surfing when I caught of glimpse of Prince and his band doing a flashy stage show. I stopped and listened, and I have to admit, Prince is just about as close to a musical genius as a person can get. I've never been one for overtly sexual lyrics in my music, so I've never been a huge fan of his, but there is no denying it - the man has PRESENCE. The particular set he and the band were doing was kind of a funk/big band cross, and it was SO slick. The stage show was SO tight and well coreographed, and the man can make a guitar sing like no one else I've ever seen.

His acceptence speach was very short and to the point. He said thank you to Jehovah first and formost, then to Warner Brothers for letting him have his artistic freedom (a reference to his long battle to be free of the lable. I'm not sure if it was sincere or a backhanded slap).

But then he said some simple comments about his spiritual journey in life. Again, I don't consider myself a huge fan, but Prince always surprises and impresses me when he talks. He's very intelligent and articulate (qualities NOT found so much in today's mumbling young stars). He talked about how life has been a spiritual journey, and he was thankful for the mentors he has had. He also told the young stars the real mentors they need won't be found on their payroll. I thought that was pretty insightful. He really made it sound like his spiritual journey is what has been important to him. Thinking of all the things he could have chosen to talk about at his induction to the RRHF, I guess it IS important to him. I have no idea what Prince's idea of spirituality is, but it's refreshing to see someone as successful has him telling the young folks, it's not all about the bling. It's about the spirit.

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