Tuesday, March 16, 2004


Took another short drive today. Went through Auburn, out Mount Vernon Rd, took a left on some dinky country road, and wound up driving along this little creek with waterfront homes. It was great! I SO want to live in an area like that when I grow up. I posted some pictures here.

Went shopping at Wal-Mart. I had no idea there was a Wal-Mart in Roseville now, till a friend of mine mentioned it last week. I had to check it out. Nice, clean, and cheap bargains. Shopping doesn't get too much better than that.

Had a nice talk with my oldest, EFJ, tonight. She is raising a puppy for Guide Dogs For The Blind, and we went to see if they were having their regular Tuesday night meeting. She told me she didn't think there was tonight, but I wasn't sure, so we went to the meeting place to check. Sure enough, she's right, no meeting. So we went over to Starbucks and had a nice chat. She's growing up so much. 17 going on 25. She's so smart and motivated, but just a little overwhelmed at all the choices in front of her. She wants to have things figured out "right now". I told her to just take her time, and things will figure themselves out. We talked about options like college and the military. To be honest, I'd be exicted for her if she joined the Air Force. What an opportunity to be independent and experience life. I was on a track to join the Air Force when I was 20, but I plain chickened out. Looking back, I think it's an experience I missed out on.

LMJ is visiting her mom this evening for "mom-daughter" night. Their Mom has designated certain nights of the week to be spent mainly focusing on one child, making it their night together. It's a cool idea, and I'm glad to see LMJ looking forward to it.

I read a chapter out of Harry Potter:The Chamber of Secrets with CLJ. We're working our way, slowly, through the book. Once or twice a week when she's here, we'll have 30 or 40 minutes to steal away, and we go sit in her room or my bedroom, and I read to her. Yeah, she's 12, but she still likes it, and I'm enjoying the Harry Potter book. CFJ drew a picture of Harry while I was reading.

I hope all my kids follow their hearts as they grow up. Right now, I'm thinking of Emily with so much of life opening up in front of her. I hope she follows her heart. Usually don't have many regrets when we do.

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