Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Nature of things

Slept in late today. Did a few chores around the house: dishes, vaccuming, laundry. Chatted with EFJ fora few minutes this morning. Took CLJ to her counseling appointment this afternoon. Took LMJ to choir practice at church, and CLJ to McDonald's for dinner. Then off to church ourselves. At home, CLJ was feeling kinda down, and I read to her from Harry Potter some more, then she was off to bed, tired as can be. She's kinda stressed out lately.

Overall, a typical Wednesday.

But, to cap the night, I had the most wonderful conversation with LMJ. She's been feeling a little down and kinda lonely. She was hoping this week with her sister EFJ her would be a chance for the two of them to kinda catch up, and spend some time together. EFJ has been so busy with her own life, it just didn't turn out the way LMJ was hoping. So I sat down and we started to talk.

We talked about friends at school, how hard it is to make friends and to be comfortable with people. She is excited about the possibility of getting a job at Carl's Jr, where her sister works. We talked about lots of things, just sort of a rambling conversation. Then, after a bit, I asked her what she was passionate about. What things in life excited her? Without much thought she said "ministry", as in Christian ministry. Made my heart soar.

LMJ and I often have deep ranging conversations about our faith. Tonight we ranged over why she believes what she believes, and lives the values that she tries to. She has such a deep understanding of the Christian faith, and such a beautiful way of looking at it. She says, it's not so much a religion, as a way of life (which I thoroughly agree with). We talked about the nature of God, and the nature of time. Free-will and pre-destination. Stuff I just love talking about with her. I love to see her sit up straight, and get passionate about things when she talks. She is so bright and so deep when she lets people in that I'm simply awestruck that she is only 15 years old, and comprehending things some people never even think about during their entire lives.

It's a joy to see my kids growing up, learning, and expanding their ideas. It's even a joy to see them deal with the struggles they go through, because I know that, as they deal with their problems, they learn every day how better to deal with life. Watching them grow and learn and become stronger young women is a priviledge I will never again take for granted.

I did at one time in my life, and it nearly cost me in completely broken relationships with all three of them. I'm so glad I have a second chance to do better. They are great kids.

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